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phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite

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phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite 截图

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite 描述

▶ Voice tells you the target distance(Center of Green).
▶ Simple User Interfaces : Knock twice your phone in the pocket.
▶ Over 45,000+ mapped courses
▶ Smart Voice Caddy that augmented reality to help golfers improve your game.
* There is no additional cost *
Features of Voice Caddy :
1. Key Usages(yardage to the center of green.)
: Voice Caddy finds your course automatically
: Just knock twice your phone in the pocket.
: If target hole is wrong, change hole.
: If target course is wrong, restart on menu.
2. Key Features
: Automatic navigation system
: Two Green system - Select of Left/Right Green (Left is default)
: Hole information(Par, handicap) on the Tee box
: Power saving system
3. Other Features
: USGA Handicap Service
: Simulate voice caddy(Self Test)
- In Augusta national 9th hole, tab or double touch your phone
- Voice Caddy tells target distance.
: Tracking your course
1.Be sure to have a fully charged your phone before heading to the course, because GPS is demanding on the battery.
2.Disable auto lock mode and turned on the screen using
3.phone pocket on the front or back touch the back
Visit our website(http://m.phigolf.com, http://www.phigolf.com) to see the live scores, visual score tracking, courses, score analysis,...
User Guide available at http://www.phigolf.com/mphigolf/users_guide_voice_en.pdf
As always, thank you for the positive reviews!

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite 更新内容

- Modify the menu- Additional power-saving features

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite 历史版本

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite 使用技巧

phiGolf Voice Caddy Lite 信息

Android 2.3.2 以上

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