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PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL

PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL

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PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL PocketSensor - FREE TRIAL

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PocketSensor uses your phone's built-in proximity sensor to automatically lock the phone when it is put in a pocket. With PocketSensor, you can forget about the power button - and about the lock screen, too!
With PocketSensor, once you put the phone in your pocket, the screen and the keys will lock automatically. And once you take it out of the pocket, the screen and the keys are unlocked automatically - with no finger swipe etc. needed...
• In order to prevent accidental triggering when you're holding the phone with both hands, the automatic keylock deactivates when the display is in landscape mode.
• With PocketSensor active, you can still lock/unlock the phone manually.
• When the phone is not in a pocket, any key will unlock the phone completely - bypassing the lock screen.
• Also when it has been locked manually, the phone will still unlock automatically. (Manual locking is not available when screen is in landscape mode.)
• When in a pocket, all keys - including the power key - will be locked. (Perfect for those phones where the power key gets pressed accidentally when in a pocket...)
PLEASE NOTE: PocketSensor makes use of the device's built-in proximity sensor whose sensitivity cannot be configured. Depending on the exact position of the proximity sensor, the screen may lock while you are attempting to access the notification bar. In this case, try accessing the notification bar from its other end.
PLEASE NOTE: Does not work on phones made by ZTE or Hero
FREE TRIAL VERSION: The Automatic Keylock will stay active only for a limited time after checking "Enable Automatic Keylock" in the PocketSensor screen. You can always reactivate the Automatic Keylock by checking "Enable Automatic Keylock" there again.
PLEASE NOTE: Before installing the full version, please disable the Automatic Keylock!
Problems or suggestions? Please email!
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• Option to deactivate the Automatic Keylock for all cases when the phone is laying flat or being held at an angle.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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