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SmartLight - FREE TRIAL

SmartLight - FREE TRIAL

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SmartLight - FREE TRIAL SmartLight - FREE TRIAL SmartLight - FREE TRIAL SmartLight - FREE TRIAL

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Tired of the display backlight suddenly dimming when you are in the middle of something? Wouldnt it be nice if your phone/tablet knew when you needed the light and when not? With SmartLight, the light will stay on as long as you have an app window open - and it will switch off once you return to the Home Screen or to the Applications Menu. No more tapping the screen to keep the light on! On compatible phones and tablets (see below), SmartLight works right out of the box - no configuration (or editing of lists) required! FOR HTC, SONY, SAMSUNG AND MOTOROLA PHONES AND TABLETS - AND GOOGLE NEXUS 7. (Also supports other models if you have one of the following launchers installed: adw Launcher, GO Launcher Ex, Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher, Zeam Launcher.)NOTE: Currently, GO Launcher Tab is not supported. I am working on a fix...) Features: ? With SmartLight, the display backlight stays on as long as you have an app open. ? Once you return to the Home screen or to the Applications menu, the backlight will switch off as usual. ? For maximum effect, we recommend setting the display timeout to the minimum of 15 seconds. (Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout). FREE TRIAL VERSION: The Automatic Backlight stays active for a limited time only. You can reactivate the Automatic Backlight from the SmartLight Demo screen. PLEASE NOTE: Before installing the full version, please disable the Automatic Backlight! (NOTE: When running with adw, GO Launcher Ex or Launcher Pro, the light will not stay on in the Contacts app.) Problems or suggestions? Please email! Tags: keep,backlight,light,display,screen,automatic,control,power,manager,management,stay,always,dim,on,off,no,sleep,mode...

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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