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Window Shop Eastbay

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Window Shop Eastbay Window Shop Eastbay Window Shop Eastbay

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Browse tens of thousands of items from Eastbay's catalog. Simply point your camera at an item with the desired color, and find items matching that color!

If you are interested in sports shoes or clothing, Eastbay Window Shopper App is the app you need! It uses Picitup’s amazing “Spectrum” visual & color search engine to create an authentic window shopping experience! Now, you can browse ALL of the items in Eastbay quickly and easily from your smartphone - Just as you would do in real life!

Spectrum - #1 in Window Shopping
The Spectrum engine by Picitup lets you:
* Match colors to any item in Eastbay using “Color Match” technology
* Find items similar in style to any selected item in Eastbay using “Style Match” technology
* Continuously browse items, buy and share the items you like with your friends

How it works
It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Simply follow the 3 simple steps:
1- Pick a color or multiple colors, using your smartphone camera or color palette
2- Choose a product category (Men, Women, Apparel type, Brand etc)
3- Browse matching products until you find the one you like
You can also buy the products you like right from the app, using Eastbay’s secure mobile store!

More Features Coming soon!
We are also constantly working to improve the color matching engine and add a “Google Goggles”-like visual search option, enabling you to take a picture of any product and find it in one click!

About Picitup
Picitup is a leading developer of computer vision applications, with clients as big as eBay, Art.com and Shopping.com. Picitup has developed more apps that let you shop by color and do really cool stuff with your smartphone! Check them out:
- PicFace Celebrity Matchup: Find your celebrity look-alike!
advanced collision warning system! This amazing app can save your life, and we have just recently updated the version. Check it out to see how it can help you!

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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