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PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw

PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw

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PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw

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PicsArt is the best drawing and coloring app for making your kid creative. Every child is an artist, so help yours develop their imagination! Children find countless hours of fun in this app as they explore their creativity through drawing, coloring, and creating art.
PicsArt for Kids has two modes to inspire a lifelong love for art and learning:
In drawing mode, your child can create any sort of drawing—no instructions necessary. Select a blank canvas to get started, or if they’re looking for a little creative prompt, they can choose from a variety of different backgrounds to help them get started creating an awesome scene.
Children can experiment with different brush sizes and colors as they paint, or tap to add different stamps and stickers to their creations. Your child (and you!) will love drawing with up to 10 fingers at a time for a fully immersive drawing experience.
In coloring mode, your child can explore the wonderful world of color. Choose from a wide selection of ready-made templates to color in, or download more from the Shop. It’s easy to change colors as you go, so children will never get bored while they’re coloring. Your child will love creating crazy colorful scenes using random mode, where the app surprises you by selecting random colors as you create.
And of course...when they’re done, save all of your child’s creations to your in-app gallery so that you can show them off later.
Download PicsArt for Kids so that your child can have fun exploring their creative side today!
Questions or comments? We’re always happy to hear from you! Write to us at support@picsart.com.

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* Completely new interface! Kids will love it!
* Add stickers to your art

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