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All new version of Plane Finder Free for Android.
Plane Finder shows live moving planes on a worldwide map. Millions worldwide already track flights in real time with Plane Finder, the ultimate pocket air traffic app.
Plane Finder Free shows you where flights really are right now. Simply tap on a plane to see the registration and flight numbers.
Upgrade to the full version for a huge range of extra features including search,advanced flight data, detailed aircraft information, photos and much much more.
Plane Finder has been a highly rated, top ranking app since 2009 and has been featured by Gizmodo, CNN, GMA, BBC, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, CNET, Wired, GQ Magazine and many more.
With millions of happy users, Plane Finder is regularly updated with innovative new features. Our support team always listen to and reply to feedback.
Plane Finder tracks 12,000+ flights around the world using our own network of real time receivers and some traditional radar data. Our worldwide coverage is already fantastic and always expanding - please check www.planefinder.net to see live coverage in your area.
At a glance our coverage includes –
• Europe 95% - realtime
• North America – 100% via slightly US delayed data – Nationwide realtime ADS-B network in place and capturing 95% of ADS-B equipped aircraft
• Rest of World – Excellent coverage in Australia, New Zealand, Central America, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Maldives, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more countries
Important Note:
Plane Finder works by picking up real time ADS‐B signals used by aircraft to transmit positional data to land based receivers. This technology is faster than traditional radar and is used for air traffic control and navigation. ADS‐B is not used by all airlines or aircraft, however this is changing and the number of aircraft tracked by ADS‐B is increasing all of the time. Traditional radar type data in near real time is also included for North America; this is subject to a short time delay.
And if you’ve read this far, you’ll also want to know this:
Plane Finder Free includes:
• Live moving planes on a Google Map
• Plane registration number
• Flight number
• Bookmark favourite locations e.g. set a ground level view of major airports
• Share your sightings with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter
Why not download the full, advert free, version of Plane Finder to also see:
• Advanced flight details including flight number, route, speed and altitude, service type, days of operation and more
• Current flight status
• In depth plane information including reg number, model, registration date and construction details
• Photo galleries and beautifully detailed aircraft illustrations
• Flight path contrails
• Powerful search by flight number, callsign and aircraft registration number
• FREE plane icon sets
• Upload your own aircraft photos to see them in the app via our community at www.pinkfroot.com
• Technical information including squawk codes, ICAO/IATA codes, ADS Hexcode and heading
Disclaimer: The use of the information presented using Plane Finder is strictly limited to pursuing enthusiast activities (i.e. for entertainment purposes), which specifically exclude any activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others.
Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation or its use contrary to this agreement.
平面搜索跟踪世界各地的航班12,000用我们自己的实时接收和一些传统的雷达数据网络。我们的全球覆盖面已经是别出心裁,不断扩充 - 请www.planefinder.net看到您所在地区的现场报道。
一看我们的范围包括 -
•欧洲95% - 实时
•北美 - 通过美国稍微延迟的数据100% - 全国实时的ADS-B网络中的位置和捕获95%的装备ADS-B的飞机
•世界其他地区 - 出色的网络覆盖澳大利亚,新西兰,中美洲,巴西,日本,台湾,迪拜,印度,马来西亚,泰国,韩国,马尔代夫,毛里求斯,新加坡,香港和许多国家
平面搜索的工作原理是捡了用于飞机发送位置数据,以土地为基础的接收器实时的ADS-B信号。这种技术比传统雷达的速度更快,用于空中交通管制和导航。 ADS-B不使用所有航空公司和飞机,但是这是变化和由ADS-B的跟踪飞机的数量不断增加的时间。以近乎实时的传统雷达的数据类型也包括了北美;这是受到了很短的时间延迟。
•技术信息,包括发牢骚代码,ICAO / IATA代码,ADS和十六进制编码标题

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All new version! Go and check it out, trust us.... it is amazing!

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旅游出行 生活实用工具
Android 4.0 以上
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