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Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery

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If you're thinking about getting a lift, nip, or tuck, this app is for you. It's the most comprehensive pocket encyclopedia of plastic surgery terms, before and after photos, and visualization tools to help you really know what to expect from a procedure, including seeing potential results on your own photo.
If you really want to know what to expect from a plastic surgery procedure then you should look at actual outcomes from real surgeries. In this app, you can peruse over a hundred before and after photos from actual facial plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Philip Miller, one of New York's leading facial plastic surgeons.
From rhinoplasty to facelifts to blepharoplasty, this app will help you understand what all these terms mean, what to expect from these procedures, and see real before and after photos for all of them.
This app also includes Virtual Plastic Surgery! Ever wonder what you'd look like with a nose job or chin augmentation? This app can help you see that as well. Take a photo from your camera or photo album, and with your finger play 'plastic surgeon' and see the results on your face or body. The same technology that plastic surgeons will use during your consultation is in this app. It's super fun to try out on both your photos and friends and family!
Finally, if you're seriously considering facial plastic surgery, you need to consult with an expert in the field. With this app, you have access to submit all your questions and get in touch with one of New York's top facial plastic surgeons -- Dr. Philip Miller. With a top-secret list of A-list actors, models and power brokers, who better to inform you about the world of cosmetic plastic surgery than one of New York’s leading facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Phillip Miller. Dr. Miller has become known for his artistic approach to achieving the most aesthetically pleasing and youthful results for his endless list of satisfied clients. A recognized expert in the field of plastic surgery, from facelift procedures to artistic rhinoplasty and youthful eyelid surgery, Dr. Miller’s office is located in midtown Manhattan – and now, with the help of this innovative app – his doors are open to you, no matter where in the world you happen to be. You'll be in the same good hands that have been trusted by some of New York's most prominent citizens, actors, models, and social elite.
App Features:
* Continuously updated encyclopedia of plastic and cosmetic surgery terms
* Over a 100 before and after photos from facial plastic surgeries performed by Dr. Miller
* View Dr. Miller's videos of plastic surgery techniques and new trends
* Plastic surgery visualization tool to help you see potential procedure results on your own photos
* Direct link to Dr. Miller's office by phone, email, and Internet to help answer your questions and setup a virtual or in-office consultation with the doctor
* Direct access to online medical records to complete your medical history through the app as opposed to filling out forms in the office.
Disclaimer: This application is not intended to provide or replace medical advice and should only be used for informational purposes. The included virtual plastic surgery tool is to be used for illustrative purposes only, as results of actual surgery will vary. If you are considering plastic surgery, please consult a qualified physician.
最后,如​​果你认真考虑面部整容手术,你需要咨询领域的专家。有了这个程序,您可以访问纽约的顶尖面部整形外科医生之一 - 菲利普·米勒博士提交您的问题和联系。一个绝密名单的A-list演员,模特和权力掮客,谁更好地告知你的世界美容整形纽约的领先的面部整形外科医生之一,菲利普·米勒博士。米勒博士为他的艺术的方法来实现最美观,年轻的他源源不绝的结果满意的客户名单已成为众所周知的。公认的专家在整形外科领域,换装程序艺术隆鼻和青春的眼睑手术,米勒博士的办公室位于曼哈顿中城 - 现在,这种创新的应用程序的帮助 - 他的门向你敞开,无论在世界何处发生。你会在良好的手中,一些纽约最杰出的公民,演员,模特,与社会精英阶层的信任。

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Fixed crash when using plastic surgery simulator.

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