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TimeTable Lite TimeTable Lite TimeTable Lite TimeTable Lite TimeTable Lite TimeTable Lite

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The price is reduced! Unfortunately the source code has been lost, due to which there is no possibility of further updates.
Multipurpose program for flexible composition and editing schedules of lectures or lessons.
Key features:
- nice interface
- entry tasks for each subject on a particular day
- functional widgets in three sizes with the ability to change colors, highlighting the current event with countdown to the end and view all of this week
- two-week cycle
- adding an event on a specific date
- switching on and off weekend
- tabular form showing the schedule and save on your memory card
- backup and restore the database
- switch quiet or vibrate-mode during lessons
- sound reminder about upcoming event 5 minutes before it starts
- the ability to create two different independent schedules
- setting language of program independently of the system language
- ability to save notes
- languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish
Note: if you use any task killer, please add the program to the exceptions.
Keywords: timetable, time table, schedule, planer, organizer, task, todo, calendar.
- 漂亮的界面
- 在某一天每个科目录入任务
- 功能部件三种尺寸改变颜色的能力,突出当前事件倒计时结束,查看所有这一周
- 两个星期的周期
- 添加一个事件在某个特定日期
- 开启和关闭的周末
- 以表格形式显示的时间表并保存在你的记忆卡
- 备份和恢复数据库
- 切换安静或震动模式过程中的经验教训
- 声音提醒即将举行的活动开始前5分钟
- 创建两个不同的独立时间表的能力
- 设置独立程序语言的系统语言
- 保存笔记的能力
- 语言:俄语,乌克兰语,英语,德语,西班牙语,意大利语,法语,波兰语

TimeTable Lite 更新内容

- fc fix
- power consumption fixed (only for widgets updating and application, the reminder function and on/off vibration/silent mode function use the resources even in sleep, otherwise they would not make sense)
- time pickers changed on 24-hour format
- fixed bug vibrate/silent mode, now it does not prevent the manual selection mode when the function is on
- fixed bug with copy button
- slightly increase the recognition area to select the time of lessons

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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