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PlanetDroid 截图

PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid PlanetDroid

PlanetDroid 描述

Astronomy ephemeris app for calculating high precision ephemeris and positions of Sun, Moon and the Planets for engaged amateur astronomers and planetary observers, prefering data and facts instead of pretty picture-apps. Planetdroid finds rise, culmination and set times, the beginning of seasons, lunar phases and planetary aspects.
Augmented reality (AR) view: See the positions of planets or comets live on a camera image and search your selected object with your phone!
Since version 3.0 Planetdroid comes with a visibility diagram. You see the elevation above the horizon of your selected body (white line) of the current nicht and the elevation of the sun (dark yellow line), as well as the twilight times. The horizontal black line ist the horizon, the vertical red line your selected time.
Since version 3.3 it is possible to save locations offline. The file containing the locations is sdcard/.com.strickling/location.txt. It can be edited with any test editor. To start the editor, simply click menu in the location selection form.
Download elements for asteroids and comets from the internet.
Supports GPS localization.
Calculates (select or deselect different items in the menu):
- time of rise, culmination, set,
- azimut of rise and set
- equatorial right ascension and declination
- ecliptical coordinates and distance
- azimut an elevation
- equation of time, true local time, sidereal time
- diameter, brightness, central meridian, position angle of the axis
- for comets and asteroids: motion velocity and direction
- Civil, nautical and astronomic twilight
- begin of the seasons, lunar phases, and lunar age
- times of opposition, conjunction and greates elongation for planets.
- time of perihelion for comets
On some devices without front camera Google Play Store will indicate, that Planetdroid is not compatible with your device. The front camera is needed for the augmented reality screen. If you like to install Planetdroid without using augmented reality, please install it from my website: http://www.strickling.net/android_engl.htm#PlanetDroid
Thanks to Mark Huss for his AstroLib containing the VSOP-routines and to the translators Nenad Trajkovic (Serbian), Alfredo Caronia (Italian), IDris a.k.a. MANsur, Ghost-Unit (Russian), Sizhuang Liu (Chinese), M. César Rodríguez (Spanish) and Osama Al Shammari (Arabic).
Required Permissions:
- Hardware controls: Camera. Required for AR. May cause compatibility refusal for devices without front camera. Try installation from my website!
- Exact location: For site-specific calculations eg. rising and setting times.
- Internet Access: Online access to asteroid and comet orbital databases and online selection of an observation site.
- SD card access: Storing orbital elements data, settings and location coordinates for offline search.
More translators are welcome! If you like this app and prefer using it in your language, contact me! Translation is very easy.
Frequent users are asked to purchase the Planetdroid donation version to share the Android market fees.
Bugs or problems found? Please send error report for error loclisation and removal or send an email instead of giving bad ratings!
Key words: sun, moon, planet, planets, solar system, coordinates, position, physical ephemeris, planetoid, planetoids, asteroid, asteroids, comet, comets, ephemeris, sky, astronomy, observation, rise, set, culmination, azimuth, azimut, elevation, coordinates, position, physical ephemeris, conjunction, opposition, elongation, Augmented Reality, AR, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluto, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, droit, planetdroit, planet-droid, planetandroid, Planet droid
天文星历应用程序的计算精度高星历和太阳,月亮和行星的位置对从事业余天文学家和行星观测,prefering数据,而不是漂亮的图片,应用程序和事实。 Planetdroid发现上升,高潮和设定时间,季节,月相和行星方面开始。
从3.0版开始Planetdroid配有能见度图。你看你的选择了身体(白线)的电流 - 编者和太阳(暗黄色线)的高度,以及暮色时代的地平线上的高度。水平黑线IST地平线,垂直红线您选择的时间。
自从3.3版本,它可以离线储存位置。包含该位置的文件是SD卡/ .com.strickling / location.txt。它可以编辑任何测试编辑器。启动编辑器,只需点击选址表格菜单。
- 上升时,大成,设置,
- 上升和一套AZIMUT
- 赤道赤经,赤纬
- ecliptical坐标和距离
- 时间方程式,真正的本地时间,恒星时
- 直径,亮度,中央子午线,轴的位置角
- 彗星和小行星:运动速度和方向
- 民用,航海和天文晨昏
- 开始的季节,月相和月球的年龄
- 的反对,一起和的greates倍伸长率的行星。
- 近日点的时间彗星
- 硬件控制:相机。所需的AR。可能会导致兼容性拒绝对设备无前置摄像头。从我的网站试图安装!
- 精确定位:对于站点具体计算如。上升时间和固化时间。
- 上网服务:在线访问小行星和彗星的轨道数据库和在线选择一个观测点。
- SD卡访问:存储轨道要素数据,设置和位置坐标进行离线搜索。
关键词:太阳,月亮,地球,行星,太阳系,坐标,位置,物理星历,小行星,小行星,小行星,小行星,彗星,彗星,星历,天空,天文,观察,抬头,设置,大成,方位,AZIMUT ,标高,坐标,位置,物理星历,结合,对立,伸长率,增强现实,AR,水星,金星,火星,木星,土星,天王星,海王星,冥王星,谷神星,智神星,婚神星,灶神星,所有权,planetdroit,行星 - 机器人,planetandroid,星球的机器人

PlanetDroid 更新内容

4.9.1 - Overflow menu icons always visible, Compatible with Android 2.2
4.9.0 - Traditional Chinese support, other language updates
4.8.2 - Improved Talkback support (German), Minor layout improvements
4.8.1 - Move2SD enabled, Bugfixes,
Menu in AR screen for devices without menu key by tipping onto screen
4.8.0 - Swipes and clicks on visibility view change date and time.
- Menu item "show orbital elements" for minor bodies
- no display of semimajor Axis for e > 1

PlanetDroid 历史版本

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PlanetDroid 信息

摄影图像 美化 图像编辑
Android 2.2.x 以上



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