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G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine下载

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine

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G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine 截图

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine 描述

G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality. It's a feature packed, Step Sequencer based Drum Machine/Groovebox, an Analog Modeling Synthesizer (VA-Beast), a polyphonic + a monophonic Step Sequencer for melodies, a Track Grid Sequencer for Beats, a Piano Keyboard, 24 Drum Pads, an Effect Rack, a Master Section, a Line Mixer and a Live Pattern/Song Arranger. Wherever you are, take your mobile device and start straight away creating your own music.
The integrated VA-Beast is a polyphonic virtual analog Synthesizer to produce complex synthetic sounds of any variety, designed for experienced sound designers as well as for complete beginners. So it's up to you if you just explore the Factory sounds or if you start right away with designing your own sounds in impressive studio quality. Its sound capabilities paired with the intuitive and clearly laid out interface simply makes G-Stomper VA-Beast to the ultimate Mobile Synthesizer. You will be able to create the sounds you want, and you'll do it faster than on any other mobile synthesizer.
** settings > sound > auto-haptic > disable **
If you have any issues, please check the FAQs at http://www.planet-h.com/faq
For further support join the Support Forum at: http://www.planet-h.com/gstomperbb/
Demo restrictions: 12 Sampler Tracks, 5 Synthesizer Tracks, Limited Load/Save and Export functionality

Drum Machine : Sample based Drum Machine/Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks

Sampler Track Grid : Grid based Multi Track Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks

Sampler Note Grid : Monophonic Melodic Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks

Sampler Drum Pads : 24 Drum Pads for live playing

VA-Beast Synthesizer : Polyphonic Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (Advanced FM support, Waveform and Multi-Sample based Synthesis)

VA-Beast Poly Grid : Polyphonic Step Sequencer, max 12 Tracks

Line Mixer : Mixer with up to 36 Channels (Parametric 3-band Equalizer + Insert Effects per Channel)

Effect Rack : 3 chainable Effect Units (43 Effect Types)

Master Section : 2 Sum Effect Units (39 Effect Types)

Pattern Set : Live Pattern/Song Arranger with 64 concurrent Patterns

Timing & Measure : Allows almost every Beat Signature and complex Swing Quantization

Piano Keyboard : On various Screens (8 Octaves switchable)
• Full round-trip MIDI integration (IN/OUT) over USB OTG for devices with USB host support
• High Quality Audio Engine (32bit float DSP algorithms)
• Effect Types: 4 Compressor/Limiter types, 4 (8-Band) Vocoders, 7 Resonant Filters, Gate, Transient Shaper, Chorus/Flanger, 2 Phasers, Vibrato, Auto Panner, 5 Delays, 2 Reverbs, Pitch Shifter, Granulator, Stereo Enhancer, Exciter, Bottom Booster, Bit Crusher, Waveshaper, Distortion, 2 Overdrives, Saturation, Bender Distortion, 2 Equalizers
+ Side Chain Support, Tempo sync, Tempo synchable LFO's, Envelope Followers
• Per Track/Voice Multi-Filters
• Real-Time Sample Modulation
• User Sample Support: Uncompressed WAV or AIFF up to 64bit (any Samplerate)
• Tablet optimized, Portrait Mode for 5 inch and bigger screens
• Full Motion Sequencing/Automation Support
Full Version only:
• Support for additional Content-Packs
• WAV File Export, 8..32bit up to 96kHz: Sum or Track by Track Export for later use in Ableton, FL or any Digital Audio Workstation of your choice
• MIDI File Export: Pattern MIDI Export for later use in your favorite DAW or MIDI Sequencer
• SoundCloud Upload Integration
For more details, check out the Documentation at http://www.planet-h.com/documentation/
Minimum device specs:
1000 MHz dual-core cpu
800 * 480 screen resolution
Headphones or external speakers
SdCard read/write: to load/save all related data
Internet Access and View Network State (Adverts+Analytics)
**重要的GALAXY S3:禁止自动HAPTIC **

• VA-野兽合成:和弦虚拟模拟性能合成(高级FM的支持,波形和多重采样合成基础)
• VA-野兽聚网:和弦步进音序器,最大12曲目
•全往返MIDI集成(IN / OUT)了USB OTG与USB主机支持设备
  +侧链支持,速度同步,天宝synchable LFO的,信封关注
800 * 480的屏幕分辨率

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine 更新内容

Fully prepared the app to run on Android N
Added a new internal latency level (ultra low) for high powered devices (CPU Level 9 or higher)
Added a 'Privacy Policy' in the help section
Added the ability to 'Invite Friends' in the Share and help section
Added a workaround for the Lenovo A7000 graphics driver bug on Android 6.x
Fixed a rare crash bug in the Automation recording
Fixed a problem in the Preset Reader
Full release notes at http://www.planet-h.com/g-stomper-studio/gst-whats-new/

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine 历史版本

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine 使用技巧

G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine 信息

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Android 3.1.0 以上

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