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After you tossed the user guide, I bet you wondered “How do I...?” and wished for a quick answer that didn't involve searching online or in your recycle bins. MyHeadset shows you button functions, answers the “How do I...?” questions, enables one-tap pairing, and displays an onscreen battery meter on phones or tablets running Android™ OS 3.x, OS 4.0.x, OS 4.1.x, and 4.2.2 (with the exception of Samsung Galaxy S4 phones). Which Plantronics headsets are currently supported with all the app features? o Marque M155o Voyager PRO HDo Voyager PRO UC (first, update firmware at http://www.plantronics.com/us/support/myheadset) Features: QUICK START: One-tap initial pairing with tips help resolve any obstacles for supported headsets listed above. HOW DO I…? A visual tour of headset controls and features for supported headsets listed above. Includes “How do I...?” tips on things such as transferring audio between your headset and phone, using voice-dial or redial, and getting the best fit. MYRECORDER: Record a message or a reminder and email it, or post to your Facebook, Evernote, or Dropbox apps. You can also playback your recording to see how you sound before making a call. HEADSET BATTERY METER: Glance on-screen at the status bar to check the remaining battery life of your headset on phones. If your phone/tablet is running Android OS 3.X, 4.0.X, 4.1.X, or 4.2.2 (with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S4) and it is paired and connected to any of the following Plantronics headsets, an on-screen headset battery meter icon will appear in your device’s Status Bar and a talk-time estimate for your headset will be included in your Notifications list. Headsets offering the Battery Meter function include: Voyager Legend, Voyager PRO HD, Voyager PRO UC, Marque M165, Marque M155, Savor M1100, M55, M25, and BackBeat GO. NOTE – Battery Meter functionality is not available on the Samsung Galaxy S4, and on phones/tablets running Android OS 4.2,1, 4.2, and 2.X. Support & Feedback: NEED MORE HELP? For technical support or questions, visit http://www.plantronics.com/us/support/ SHARE YOUR IDEAS: We love hearing your feedback. Email us at myheadsetapp@plantronics.com

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Android 4.1.x 以上



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