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Playcolors Time Logger

Playcolors Time Logger

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Playcolors Time Logger Playcolors Time Logger Playcolors Time Logger Playcolors Time Logger Playcolors Time Logger Playcolors Time Logger

Playcolors Time Logger 描述

Convenient time tracking to optimize your time and improve productivity. Convenient time tracking on your phone. Keep track of time spent on various activities across projects, be it personal or office projects. Track time spent on meetings, phone calls, client visits, just about any activity that takes your time. Access quick overviews of time spent on projects or on specific tasks, Discover ways to optimize your time and improve your productivity. ** CSV export coming in next update ** EASY TASK TRACKINGTrack the time spent on various activities in a day such as client calls, mowing the lawn or just driving in one convinient application. Record as little or as much information as you want. FAST FIND & SEARCHSearch and find time entries in your time sheet with plain text search. View time spent by project or categories. Instant snapshot of your time usage by tasks or projects. CUSTOMIZABLEYou can add your own categories or create your own projects from the main menu. VERSIONSAD-Supported version is the complete application supported by a few ADs Paid Deluxe Version costs $3.96 and has no ADs in it, for a interruption experience. FEATURES- Track time spent on various activities- Time sheet view by projects or categories- Instant snapshot of time usage- Find and search for entries in plain text- Handy time usage report in seconds- Notes field to add extra information like tags- Customizable categories and projects BENEFITS- Nifty mobile app to improve your productivity- Know your time usage patterns- Useful reports for clients or yourself SUPPORTIf you run across issues on any device, please mention the phone model/manufacturer to help us support you better. Support EMail: support [at] playcolors [dot] com THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS, We're working hard to make it what you want it to be. SUGGESTED DEVICESSamsung - Galaxy S, Galaxy 3,Motorola - Droid XHTC - Desire, Wildfire SEARCH KEYWORDS ON MARKETtime tracker, time management, time, organizer, task timer, timer, time logger, task logger, time manager

Playcolors Time Logger 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Running Task Timer

- Fix for time in mins calculation

- Other bug fixes

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系统工具 优化
Android 1.1.0 以上

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