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This app requires that you have PlayOn Media Server running on your PC. You can get PlayOn for free at www.playon.tv.
With PlayOn you can easily watch local videos from your PC on your Android phone or tablet. PlayOn will also aggregate all of your favorite streaming content from over 60 sites into one easy-to-use intuitive interface on your PC.
Want to do even more with PlayOn? Upgrade to PlayOn Plus for as little as $4.99 and you can not only watch local videos on your mobile device, you can stream to your phone or tablet using the same intuitive interface. You can also record streaming video from virtually any streaming site, including Netflix, HBO Now, HBO Go, and Hulu. You can cast videos to your TV via your Xbox, Roku or Chromecast. We've got you PlayStation folks covered as well, use your PlayStation to watch any streaming video on your TV via the PlayOn server. You can do all of this from the device, from your PC, or using your Android device as a remote.
Here is a list of just some of the supported channels you get with PlayOn: Netflix, Hulu (no Hulu Plus required),HBO Go, HBO Now, ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, Comedy Central, PBS, MTV, HGTV, ESPN, ESPN3, TV.com, Cooking Channel, The Food Network, PBS Kids, Acorn, Vevo, Sprout and many more. New channels are being added continuously!
Imagine catching up on your favorite TV series while waiting for a flight, or enjoying a sitcom commercial-free during an oil change. Wherever your daily life takes you, PlayOn can entertain you. Try it risk-free. Install this free app, then download the free PlayOn software to your PC. You’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.
随着PlayOn,你可以很容易地在你的Andr​​oid手机或平板电脑观看来自您的电脑的本地视频。 PlayOn也将聚集所有您最喜爱的流媒体内容从60点到您的PC上的一个易于使用的直观的界面。
想与PlayOn做更多的事?升级到PlayOn加低至$ 4.99,你不仅可以在移动设备上观看本地视频,您可以使用同一个直观的界面传输到您的手机或平板电脑。您还可以记录从几乎任何流媒体网站,包括Netflix公司,HBO现在,HBO围棋​​,和Hulu视频流。您可以通过您的Xbox,Roku公司和Chromecast的投视频到电视。我们已经得到了你覆盖的PlayStation乡亲为好,用你的PlayStation通过PlayOn服务器观看任何视频流在电视上。你可以做到这一切从设备,从PC,或使用你的Andr​​oid设备用作遥控。
这里只是一些你得到PlayOn支持的频道列表:Netflix的,葫芦(无葫芦Plus需要),HBO的围棋,HBO现在,ABC,NBC,FOX,CBS,喜剧中央,PBS,MTV,HGTV,ESPN ,ESPN3,TV.com,烹饪频道,食品网,PBS孩子,橡果国际,VEVO,芽菜等等。新渠道正在不断地加入!

PlayOn 更新内容

All new interface. Added free features. Back-end improvements. Local media player.

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影音播放 视频
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play提供



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