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Callify Free - Call logs

Callify Free - Call logs

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Callify Free - Call logs 截图

Callify Free - Call logs Callify Free - Call logs Callify Free - Call logs Callify Free - Call logs

Callify Free - Call logs 描述

Happy Hours : No more call logs limitation for free version ! If you appreciate Callify, please consider buy the pro version

New list layout : go to settings to switch between gallery and list layout

Callify is a beautifull call logs application where you can navigate easily on your call logs, call, message or mail in one click.

Get your call logs and filter them by call types, see your calls informations and contact your friends easily.

Callify is the best way to search through your call logs and fastly call back, message or mail your contacts.
You can also popup the actions bar via the contact badge.

Callify features :

  • Launch after incoming, outgoing calls and missed call

  • One touch actions (call, message and mail) and quick actions via the contact badge

  • Easily navigate through your call logs

  • 2 different layouts : gallery and list, switch between the 2 layouts in the settings

  • Filter your call logs by call types

  • Compact mode : group consecutive call logs by phone number

  • Delete call from your call logs by long touch or click

  • Quickly add unknow number in your contact

  • Close Callify automatically after X seconds (Available in Callify Pro)

  • Go to home after closing

  • Highly customizable : choose the images you want for all the application images (call button, message button, mail button and default contact picture)

  • Display contact picture if any

  • Portrait and landscape layouts

  • Home widget which display your last phone call : contact picture, name, time, direct call button (in pro version) and direct message button. You can filter the call types you want to display(incoming, outgoing and missed)

Callify Free is adds supported
Please install Callify Pro for no adds and others features

Please mail me if you have any questions or bugs

Graphics and icon made by www.mylittlestudio.fr

Keywords : call, message, mail, quick contact, fast action, one touch, free, widget, last call, callify

Callify Free - Call logs 更新内容


Callify 3.0.0 !

New list layout for call logs (go in settings to switch between gallery and list layout)

Callify 2.1.2 !

Add compact mode (regroup consecutive call logs by phone numbers)

Add go to home after closing

Overall optimisation

Callify 2.0.1 : fix a bug in landscape

Callify 2.0.0 !

Now standalone application

Navigate through your call logs, filter them by call types, fast call back, message and mail, delete call log and quick add unknow number

Callify Free - Call logs 历史版本

Callify Free - Call logs 使用技巧

Callify Free - Call logs 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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