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OBD Car Doctor (Free)

OBD Car Doctor (Free)

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OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free) OBD Car Doctor (Free)

OBD Car Doctor (Free) 描述

OBD Car Doctor new features: Support new types of adapters: WiFi and Kiwi 3 (BLE), Updated logbook: fueling and service notes.
Reads real-time and stored parameters from ECU of OBD-II compliant cars. Support data reading PID's from cars with 2 and more ECU.
Note!!! Requires ELM 327 or compatible Bluetooth OBD-II Adapter. Read more at http://www.incardoc.com
Note!!! There are multiple reports on connection issues up to ECU malfunctioning when using adapters with MAC addresses: 66:35:56:... strongly recommend to avoid this adapters! Other chip adapters marked with ELM327 v2.1 also have a lot of issues! Please contact us by mail to report troubles with adapters, would be nice to have the following info: naming, MAC address, ELM327 firmware version info and/or connection log, This will help to create list of potentially dangerous adapters and share this information with other users.
- real-time engine and vehicle OBD2 parameters: speed, rotation, temperature, pressure, lambda and multiple other sensors data supported by your car
- chart drawing for real-time data
- check engine light control: read and clear stored error codes and related freeze frame data
- Fuel Economy parameters (for diesel need to set proper flag in Configuration)
- store and share DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) data and General info
- auto-start of last used command screen (use "Auto start of the last command" option in Configuration alone or in combination with "Connect BT at start")
- console for advanced users experiments with OBD-II and adapter commands (use "Test"-"Console" option in Configuration to allow console screen)
- read more details at product site http://www.incardoc.com
- read GPS data: speed, altitude
- support of graphical gauges
- logbook: fueling, service records
★ ★ ★ More features ★ ★ ★ are available with Pro version OBD Car Doctor Pro http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pnn.obdcardoctor_full
Fuel Economy parameters now supported as beta version feature, please note that for correct calculation you may need to enter proper Engine displacement (in cubic cm) and volumetric efficiency (in %, the default is 80)
Note!!! Avoid simultaneous running of multiple OBD reading applications, be sure that other applications are not keeping live OBD connection.
Required permissions:
- Device & app history
Used to self- identify application when running in background
- Location
Extra GPS parameters: GPS speed, altitude
- Photos/Media/Files
Store and read "Logbook" and Debug data as direct user's actions
- Other
Bluetooth related - communication with external adapter
Internet related - publishing "Logbook" records to server as direct user's actions
Please send your questions with email, as we can't answer in Play market comments.
You could help to improve the project by sending OBD2 details info related to your car. Fill in the car details with configuration screen and click send button in "General information" section. Thanks!
的注意!需要ELM 327或兼容的蓝牙OBD-II适配器。更多内容请见http://www.incardoc.com
的注意!上有连接问题多份报告长达ECU使用与MAC地址的适配器时错误:66:35:56:.. 。强烈建议避免这种情况的适配器!标有ELM327 V2.1等芯片的适配器也有很多的问题!通过邮件请联系我们报告的烦恼与适配器,将是不错的有如下信息:名称,MAC地址,ELM327固件版本信息和/或连接日志,这将有助于创造的潜在危险适配器列表,并分享这一信息的其他用户。
- 实时发动机和车辆OBD2参数:支持你的汽车的速度,旋转,温度,压力,拉姆达和其他多个传感器的数据
- 图表绘制实时数据
- 检查发动机灯控制:读出并清除存储的错误代码和相关冻结帧数据
- 燃油经济性参数(柴油需要设置合适的标志配置)
- 存储和共享DTC(诊断故障代码)数据和一般信息
- 自动启动最后使用的命令屏幕(使用“自动最后一个命令启动”选项配置单独或与组合“BT连接在启动时”)
- 控制台为高级用户实验OBD-II和适配器命令(使用“测试” - 在配置“控制台”选项,允许控制台屏幕)
- 阅读产品网站http://www.incardoc.com详情
- 读取GPS数据:速度,高度
- 支持图形化计
- 日志:加油,服务记录
★★★更多功能★★★可与专业版 OBD车载医生专业 http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pnn.obdcardoctor_full
- 设备与应用的历史
- 位置
- 图片/媒体/文件
- 其他
  蓝牙相关 - 与外部接口通信
  互联网相关 - 出版“日志”记录,以服务器作为直接用户的操作

OBD Car Doctor (Free) 更新内容

v.5.00 rc1
- fix read general info (for non-standard response)
- fix android v. 2.3.3
-remove unnecessary play service(1.6 mb free, - some permission)
-fix guide
-minor fix
v4.99 Major update
- new types of adapters: WiFi and KiWi 3 (BLE)
- updated logbook: fueling, service records
- reworked parameters readings
- other updates
- Fixes for some malfunction adapters (clones marked as ELM327 v2.1 and MAC 66:35:...)
- Minor fixes

OBD Car Doctor (Free) 历史版本

OBD Car Doctor (Free) 使用技巧

OBD Car Doctor (Free) 信息

 5.9 GPS
Android 2.3.2 以上

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