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Principles of Class Design

Principles of Class Design

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Principles of Class Design Principles of Class Design Principles of Class Design Principles of Class Design

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Learn how to use class design principles to write reusable software.

Back with more Object Oriented goodness.

Coupled with OO Principles and Design Patterns, learn how to design your classes in a better way. Understand how classes can be woven together so that future changes/modifications are easy to make, without breaking existing code.

Knowing Class Design Principles will given you an edge while designing classes and their relationships. The design will automatically follow good design patterns, even if you don't know design patterns.


-Full version

-Totally free (ad-supported)

-Readily available reference

-Does not require any network connection

-Explained in simple and plain English

-Contains source code in C# with syntax highlighting

-Easy to view with support for zooming

-Supports option for fullscreen viewing

Planned features

-Source code in C++ and Java

-Quiz and interview questions

Has been tested on HD2 and Samsung Galaxy S. Not tested on tablets, but should work without any problem.

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Happy learning!

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