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✱✱NOTE: Samsung Galaxy Spica and Galaxy Portal models are now supported with the alternative GPS configuration in the settings menu ✱✱
CamerAlert is a self-contained Speed and Red Light Camera warning system using data from the renowned PocketGPSWorld.com Speed Camera Database. It provides both audible and visual warnings as you approach a camera. Uniquely, when you are in a section of SPECs (Average Speed) cameras, CamerAlert displays your average speed between each camera in the zone. CamerAlert also utilises directional information to reduce the number of "False Alerts", you are only warned for cameras that monitor your direction of travel.
CamerAlert works in two different modes: Map and List. In Map mode the main display is a map with the cameras positioned on it. This can be shown either as "North Up" or "Course Up". The list mode simply shows a list of all the cameras in the area, highlighting the ones that you are approaching.
COMPATIBILITY: CamerAlert requires an Android GPS capable device. It will not function on a device without a GPS connection as it requires a GPS receiver to accurately determine your position. The moving map requires a data connection so users without data capabilities will have to run the app in list mode unless they have data access via a MiFi or similar external data device. CamerAlert is compatible with all Android devices with OS of 1.5 or above.
IMPORTANT: CamerAlert comes preinstalled with a demo Speed Camera Database only. To ensure you have the latest camera data we offer a Latest Database Guarantee which allows you one download of the latest updates after product registration at no extra cost. Please ensure you make use of this offer to download the very latest live data.
PocketGPSWorld subscribers can use their annual membership to keep the camera data up to date by linking their member details in the app. If you are not an existing subscriber you can subscribe in the app to ensure access the our regular updates. A subscription can be used on other GPS devices as well as the Android (maximum of three devices, one of which may be an Android or iPhone SmartPhone). An annual subscription costs £19.99.
Another feature, unique to this app, is that the latest data can be downloaded over the air at any time to ensure you have the latest speed camera information to remain safe.
If you see a camera that is not in the database then you can report it using CamerAlert. This feature can also be used to change information about a camera already in the database i.e. changing speed or direction information. You must register the App to submit cameras.
Disclaimer: The use of a speed camera warning device may not be legal in all countries and territories. Users are reminded that it is their responsibility to check the legality of such a device before use.
✱✱SUPPORT✱✱: We ALWAYS reply to support requests. If you have emailed support or logged a support ticket and not received a reply within 24hrs MAX then please check your junkmail or spam filters.
CamerAlert是一个自足速度,及闯红灯照相预警系统使用的数据来自知名PocketGPSWorld.com速度相机数据库。它提供了听觉和视觉警告,当你接近一个摄像头。与众不同的是,当你在一节的规格(一般速度)相机,CamerAlert显示区域中的每个摄像头之间的平均速度。 CamerAlert还利用方向信息,以减少“假警报”,你只警告摄像机监控您的行驶方向。
的兼容性:CamerAlert需要一个Android GPS功能的设备。它不会没有GPS连接功能的设备上,因为它需要一个GPS接收机准确地判断你的位置。移动地图需要数据连接,所以没有数据功能的用户将不得不在列表模式下运行的应用程序,除非他们有通过MiFi的或类似的外部数据设备的数据访问。 CamerAlert兼容所有Android设备与OS 1.5或以上。
✱✱支持✱✱:我们总是回复支持请求。如果你已经通过电子邮件发送支持或登录支持票,并没有收到MAX 24小时内答复,那么请检查您的junkmail或垃圾邮件过滤器。

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Compliance:Ensure Google logo is present and visible on the map tiles.Bug Fixes:Fixed a crash when registering with the HTC One M8Minor bug fixes

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Android 1.5 以上



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