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Pocoyo TV - Free

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Pocoyo TV - Free Pocoyo TV - Free Pocoyo TV - Free Pocoyo TV - Free Pocoyo TV - Free Pocoyo TV - Free

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Do you like the movies for babies or cartoon series?
If you are looking for funny videos for kids in order to enjoy them anywhere and at any time of the day, download right now the app Pocoyo TV for Android OS (available for smartphones and tablets). With the app Pocoyo TV you will be able to enjoy with family and when you want of a wide number of chapters of your favorite cartoons. This application lets you access a catalog of more than 50 episodes to entertain to the youngest ones of the house with the best TV series of cartoons.
Pocoyo TV includes by default 5 free videos to download or watch by streaming them using an Internet connection. However, you can purchase more additional packages of episodes within the app. Also, you can save the episodes on your device to take away Pocoyo and the rest of friends with you everywhere (for example, use it for your travels), so you will always guarantee the fun for the youngest ones of the family. They will find fascinating content filled with animations, music and colors to awaken their curiosity by learn new concepts and values.
The Pocoyo TV app will allow you to access the chapters in several translations so that children will be able to learn different languages since that they are tiny. In addition, you will be able to consult the synopsis of the episodes as well as select your favorite funny videos for kids with the purpose to make your own playlist.
Get fun with Pocoyo and his friends including Pato, the yellow duck; Elly, the pink elephant with a blue backpack; Loula, his faithful dog; Sleepy Bird the droopy-eyed blue-green bird always asleep in her nest and many others.
Enjoy the variety of apps which offers you Pocoyo, aimed at stimulating children's learning at the same time that provides fun and entertainment.
Pocoyo series, logo and characters ™ & © 2005-2015 Zinkia Entertainment SA
获取乐趣Pocoyo和他的朋友们,包括帕托,黄色的鸭子;伊丽,粉红色的大象用蓝色背包; Loula,他忠实的狗;昏昏欲睡的鸟下垂的眼睛蓝绿色的鸟总是睡在她的巢穴,等等。

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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