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This application lets you monitor the currently used bandwith of all your network devices (mobile, wifi) by displaying the incoming and/or outgoing traffic in the notification area (status bar at the top).
Furthermore, it counts all your traffic and stores the information on your phone, so that you're able to see how much data you have transferred today, this month and in total. It allows you to set alarms for daily/monthly/total traffic. Especially useful if you're on a plan with a traffic limit.
On devices running Froyo (2.2) or later builds it will display the traffic used by individial applications.
The application is free. It supports the developer by showing advertisements, but only while the application is in the foreground. So if you keep the app closed or in the background you will see the bandwith used notifications but no ads!
This application requires 4 permissions:
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to detect if network devices are up and for advertisements
- INTERNET: for advertisements and to allow remote logging of application errors (this can be disabled)
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: So that the notifications and counting of traffic can be automatically started after your phone starts (this can be disabled)
- WAKE_LOCK: so that the notifications and counting of traffic can continue while the application is not in the foreground
Any feedback is highly appreciated: updownmeter@gmail.com
kw: traffic counter counting bandwith status bar upload download monitor alarm notification area

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Android 2.0.0 以上

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