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“When it comes to NFL publications, nobody does it better than Pro Football Weekly.” - Bill Belichick, Head Coach, New England Patriots
Don’t settle for second-rate coverage of the Packers Since 1967, Pro Football Weekly has been the leading source of NFL insider information and premium insights. Pro Football Weekly’s seasoned staff of NFL experts and local reporters dedicated to in-depth coverage of the Packers have received more than 100 awards for reporting excellence, including dozens of Pro Football Writers of America awards and two Emmys.
“Pro Football Weekly is a must for every NFL fan.” - Charley Casserly, former GM, Redskins and Texans
This app provides exclusive access to Pro Football Weekly’s vault of Packers content, so you can enjoy the same breaking news, behind-the-scenes coverage and expert analysis that NFL executives and industry giants like ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports have relied upon over the years.
App functionality includes every feature a football fan could ask for including:
- Stats, schedules and standings
- The latest news, rumors, and insider information
- Hundreds of videos every year
- Integrated twitter feed covering the league’s most popular players and experts
- Live scoring & up to the minute box scores coming soon
- Premium content only available to PFW subscribers
“Pro Football Weekly does provide the best coverage in the NFL. It is -- and always will be -- must reading for me.” - Rex Ryan, Head Coach, New York Jets
DISCLAIMER: The use of any team names, words, copyrights, trademarks, logos, or photos have been used for Descriptive Purposes only and not to show endorsement or permission to use. We are not affiliated with, nor do we have any licenses or strategic alliances with, any sporting team or sporting association.
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