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Can you beat physics? Satisfy you

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Can you beat physics? Satisfy your natural desire to staple shapes! ##### News #####Download the new version of our Eskimo Defensehttp://bit.ly/ITtoNp############### FINALLY! The first real block stacker for Android! Try to stack as many blocks as possible on the platform. Keep in mind that gravity can be relative to different blocks. Current features:- Box2D Physics (same as Angry Birds)- Currently 2 worlds with 25 increasingly difficult levels- Beautiful animated parallax backgrounds- 2 difficulties- Arcade Mode- High Tower Mode- 6 block types (more on the way) BETA VERSIONSince this is a work in progress (beta version) all modes and graphics are not final. This game is under development and this release is to get feedback from you users. More modes and features are coming! - What do you want in this game? We are very open to suggestions. PLEASE EMAIL US!- What was good?- Was was bad?- How can it be better?- How does it work on your specific device? The game is developed using the framework AndEngine (same as Farm Tower). See www.andengine.org for more info. We're currently working halftime with this game so development is going quite well. Releasing at least one update each week! Thanks for downloading!

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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