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RealPresence Mobile - Phone

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RealPresence Mobile - Phone RealPresence Mobile - Phone RealPresence Mobile - Phone RealPresence Mobile - Phone RealPresence Mobile - Phone RealPresence Mobile - Phone

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For optimal use, Polycom recommends provisioning and management through Polycom RealPresence platform.
Polycom RealPresence Mobile is for business professionals who want to extend their enterprise video collaboration capabilities beyond the office and conference room to their mobile devices. RealPresence Mobile is an easy-to-use video app that provides premium quality audio, video and content sharing. Cloud-based deployment gives users access to enterprise directories at the swipe-of-a finger. Users simply highlight a name, connect, and then collaborate.
Features and Benefits:
• Share the industry’s highest-quality audio, video and content through standards-based protocols using the latest in compression technologies
• Protect your network and maintain high-scale call volume through tight integration with RealPresence Access Director
• Leverage an intuitive, consistent user interface across your mobile, desktop and room-based systems for increased productivity without complex user training
You must not be in violation of your wireless data service agreement, if any, when using Polycom RealPresence Mobile. Because some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality over their networks, such as the use of VoIP telephony over a cellular network, and may also impose additional fees, or other charges in connection with VoIP, POLYCOM recommends that you check the terms of your agreement with the operator prior to any use of the RealPresence Mobile.
Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Android is supported on a wide variety of devices – see the release notes at http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/video/realpresence_mobile/realpresence_mobile.html for the complete list of supported devices and OS versions. Polycom does not provide support or certify any functionality of RealPresence Mobile on other Android devices or OS versions. Consult the Polycom RealPresence Mobile Support Forums at http://community.polycom.com/t5/RealPresence-Mobile/bd-p/RealPresence_Mobile if you encounter issues with unsupported devices.
宝利通RealPresence Mobile是谁想要超越的办公室和会议室的企业视频协作功能扩展到他们的移动设备业务的专业人士。 RealPresence Mobile是一个易于使用的视频应用程序,提供高品质的音频,视频和内容共享。基于云的部署使用户可以访问企业目录,在刷卡的,一手指。用户只需突出显示姓名,联系,然后再进行合作。
宝利通RealPresence手机Android版支持多种设备 - 请参阅发行说明在http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/video/realpresence_mobile/realpresence_mobile.html为支持的设备和操作系统版本的完整列表。 Polycom不提供支持或证明其他Android设备或操作系统版本RealPresence手机的任何功能。请在http://community.polycom.com/t5/RealPresence-Mobile/bd-p/RealPresence_Mobile宝利通RealPresence手机支持论坛,如果你遇到不支持的设备的问题。

RealPresence Mobile - Phone 更新内容

-Android OS version 6.x support
-New devices support
-Constant Bitrate (CBR) adopted for video codecs
-Bug fixes and feature enhancements

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Android 4.1 以上
Google Play

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