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A turn based strategy war game where you lead Roman legions in their conquest of the Italian peninsula. Play various scenarios of the conflicts fought by the Roman Republic; Be the dictator for the Roman civilization at the ancient age when it was yet to become the largest empire in the world.
*** If you encounter a bug, please get in touch with us by email, so that we can fix the problem! Same thing with refunds: Just mail us. ***
* 14 scenarios of varying size and difficulty, ranging from the initial conquests of neighbouring kingdoms by Roman city-state, to the First Punic War and beyond
* Single player and Local Multiplayer (players sharing same device) game modes (online multiplayer not supported)
* Freely zoomable and pannable hex based map, with multitouch gesture support
* Hex and counter style of play, like many table-top TBS board games
* Autosaving: Progress is automatically saved at end of each turn, or when you switch away from the game; No risk of losing game progress because of forgetting to save
* Designed to be playable also on lower-spec Android phones and tablets; on the other hand, users with more capable 'droid devices have enhanced frame rate and smoother experience
* In-game help guide
* Supports natively all screen resolutions from the smallest phones in your pocket to the largest HD tablets
* OpenGL ES hardware accelerated graphics engine
The basic gameplay style of this game was inspired by many earlier hexagon based "oldskool" or retro PC strategy games like Fantasy General, Panzer General and Battle for Wesnoth as well as some of the more recent titles, such as Uniwar on mobile devices ... with a little bit of Civilization / Freeciv spirit mixed in. However, the backdrop of the game is set in the ancient Rome, and the game attempts to follow faithfully the known course of the events to the extent that is known to the modern historywriting (some liberties have been taken in interpreting the details to make the game more entertaining). The game has some minor RPG like elements such as unit leveling (success in combat leads first to veteran, then to elite status, giving stats improvements), but at its heart it is first and foremost a pure strategy game.
Nearly two millennia before the era of medieval knights and castles of the European middle ages, the first ancient settlers of the Roman tribe founded the city of Rome. As the legends customarily tell, the twin brothers and townsmen Romulus and Remus were the original founders, with Romulus eventually becoming the first king of Rome. From its humble beginnings first as a small village, and then a local kingdom, its destiny was to become a great empire encompassing all coasts of the Mediterranean sea and even beyond. For centuries, his royal majesty the Emperor of Rome was undoubtedly the most highborn ruler on the Earth, wielding total authority over a large portion of the humankind, until barbarian hordes and many years of revolution brought the fallen empire to its end.
The game begins in the very first years of the Roman saga; You, the player, will lead the Roman army, legion after legion, from a battle to another in the name of the Roman Empire against the mighty warlords of the neighbouring realms. Assault the Etruscans on river Tiber, stop the madness of Samnite invasion in Campania, conquer South Italy, drive Carthaginians out from the isle of Sicily, and much more ... May the god of war Mars spare you from the fury and vengeance of your enemies in the battlefield!
While the main campaign of the game deals with the Roman Republic expansion wars, the second campaign is played as commander Hannibal of Carthage, one of the greatest military commanders to ever live, whose brief advance against Rome brought him all the way from North Africa almost to the gates of Rome, before the Romans got their defense lines established. This revival of warfare between Carthage and Rome came to be known as the Second Punic War in the books of history.
***如果你遇到了一个错误,请通过电子邮件与我们联系,这样我们就可以解决这个问题!同样的事情退款邮寄给我们。 ***
* 14不同大小和困难的情况下,从最初的征服邻近王国的罗马城市国家,第一次布匿战争及以后
* OpenGL ES硬件加速图形引擎
这个游戏的基本游戏风格的灵感来自于许多早期的六边形为基础的“oldskool”或复古的PC战略游戏,如梦幻一般,装甲和韦诺之战,以及一些更近的​​标题,如在移动设备上的Uniwar .. 。一点点的文明/ Freeciv精神的混合。然而,本场比赛的背景下,设置在古老的罗马,游戏试图忠实过程中发生的事件的程度,被称为的现代historywriting(已经采取了一些自由解释的细节,使游戏更加有趣)。游戏中有一些小的RPG元素,如单位平(成功在战斗中导致的老将,精英的地位,使统计的改进)一样,但在它的心脏,它首先是一个纯粹的战略游戏。

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