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NOAA Radar and Alerts

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NOAA Radar and Alerts NOAA Radar and Alerts NOAA Radar and Alerts NOAA Radar and Alerts NOAA Radar and Alerts NOAA Radar and Alerts

NOAA Radar and Alerts 描述

NOAA Radar and Alerts is a Live Wallpaper which displays live radar images for the US location of your choosing. When enabled, the NOAA Radar and Alerts wallpaper will display live weather radar images obtained from the NOAA National Weather Service in your background. Alternatively, you can launch it as a normal stand-alone app from the app icon.
You can also enable the optional weather alerts; Choose up to five counties to receive alerts for, set your threshold and receive NOAA weather alerts as notification in your status bar.
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Features include:
* Ability to select from any NOAA-supported US region
* Configurable layers: Radar + Topography, County Boundaries, Highways and/or City Labels
* Pinch/Zoom/Move to position your radar map
* Configurable update frequency
* Ability to use Weather Alert feature separate from Live Wallpaper
* Portrait or Landscape mode
* Optional Weather Alerts as notifications
* Receive alerts for multiple counties (US, Guam, and Virgin Isles)
* Any, Statement, Advisory, Watch or Warning alert thresholds
Install application, then select as wallpaper (from Home, touch: Menu key, Wallpaper, Live wallpapers). On the Settings screen, choose your Location and any other options settings, then touch "Set wallpaper". At the home screen, double-tap to enable positioning and pinch/zoom of the map - the wallpaper will respond to your left/right/up/down and pinch/zoom gestures. Double-tap again to exit positioning mode.
You can also zoom & position the app in the stand-alone mode and the settings will carry over to your wallpaper view.
You can now receive NOAA weather alerts without using the NOAA Radar as your wallpaper. Just 'Enable Alerts' unders Settings and leave your wallpaper alone.
A Compatibility Mode is now available which should help with some devices that are experiencing the 'blank overlays' issue. When compatibility mode is on, the app will operate the same as it does on low-memory device: Overlays are merged to conserve graphics memory and displayed on top of radar. Topographic overlay is not available. Overlays are cropped to 512 pixels high, leaving small top and bottom margins in the overlay.
NOTE that past radar images may not always be available from NOAA - Updates are dependent on the availability of an internet connection and images published by NOAA.
安装应用程序,然后选择壁纸(首页,触摸菜单键,壁纸,动态壁纸)。在“设置”屏幕上,选择您的地点和任何其它选项设置,然后轻触“设置壁纸”。在主屏幕上,双击点击地图实现定位和捏/变焦 - 壁纸会回应你的左/右/上/下和捏/缩放手势。再次双击退出定位模式。
注:过去的雷达图像​​可能并不总是可从美国国家海洋和大气管理局 - 更新是依赖于互联网连接和图像由美国国家海洋和大气管理局发布的可用性。

NOAA Radar and Alerts 更新内容

One of the two NOAA data feeds this app uses to determine which images to fetch is currently broken. This is a NOAA issue and we have informed them of the problem, but this release includes an important temporary workaround fall back to the older, but still working method. When NOAA corrects the problem, we will release another update.
This release also includes a fix to be more tablet-friendly.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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