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Sound Box lite

Sound Box lite

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Sound Box lite Sound Box lite

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Sound Box turn your device into a bell, rattle and other such a stuff. Just select the sound and shake the phone. It could be fun.

Important notes:
- The application locks most of the buttons by default. You could switch it off: see Menu -> Settings for details!
- Sounds will change depending on how strong you'll shake your phone.

There are Lite and Full versions.

Set of sounds in the Lite version is limited, but it's absolutely free and have no any other restrictions. At the moment there are next sound effects: small bell, darbuka and digital.

In the Full version there is a wide range of additional sounds such as jingle bells, rattlesnake, wind chimes (metal and bamboo), maracas and much more - about 20 in all.

Feel free to share impressions below!

Sound Box lite 更新内容


Fix for HTC Desire devices: the "digital" sound theme does not played on it.

Please mail about such malfunctions. I just could not test an application on all various devices. Thank you.

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影音播放 音乐
Android 1.5.0 以上
praetorian droid

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