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Printemi : Print happiness :-)下载

Printemi : Print happiness :-)

Printemi : Print happiness :-)

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Printemi : Print happiness :-) Printemi : Print happiness :-) Printemi : Print happiness :-) Printemi : Print happiness :-) Printemi : Print happiness :-)

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******** EXCLUSIVE ********Printemi is the simple and convenient mobile app to turn the lovely photos on your smartphone into unique prints, customized products and gifts. Printemi is a new way to think about doing something great, fun and wonderful with your photos. Everyday, capture that special moment on the go, with your family, friends and print unique memories.Choose your products, select your photos, tell us where you want it shipped and check out. It couldn't be simpler. There is no need to go to the store, give your SD card or struggle to send via bluetooth, NFC, WiFi... your photos for printing. No tweaking required.******** WHAT YOU CAN ORDER ********- Prints: Select the best shots on your mobile and order prints. You'll see how beautiful they are on photo paper. - Classic Prints: unique memories that remind you great moments. - Square Prints: Square is original and perfect for your Instagram photos. - ID/Passport/ US Visa Photo: be selfie, take your own passport photo and order prints.- Mobile Skins: Be different, change your phone case without changing your case. Let us print some photos perfectly cut for your transparent case. Swap the photo and your case looks NEW everyday. It's brilliant!. Available for: - Galaxy S4 Skin - Galaxy S3 Skin - Galaxy S2 Skin - iPhone 5/5S Skin - iPhone 4/4S Skin- Mobile Skin+Cases: You don't have a transparent case yet? No pbs! order a Skin+Case and you will get your brand new transparent case and a customized photo printed just for you. Your phone deserves an UNIQUE case.Available for: - Galaxy S4 Skin+Case - Galaxy S3 Skin+Case - Galaxy S2 Skin+Case - iPhone 5/5S Skin+Case - iPhone 4/4S Skin+Case******** FEATURES ********- Photos printed on professional photo paper with a smooth glossy finish- Transparent quality cases - Durable shatterproof plastic - Semi rigid and lightweight- Orders shipped within 3 days max..- Payment on Delivery, via Mobile Money or Printemi Credits - Send as gift to whoever you want- Send Credits: Perfect gift for friends and family - 7 days return policyPrintemi :: Print happiness from your mobile in a snap :-)

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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