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Procore for Android 描述

Keep teams together. Even when they’re not.
That's the power of mobility. You can untether your teams and ensure they remain connected and communicate effectively from the field to the job site trailer to the corporate office.
With Procore construction project management software, your team can access all the information they need, with real time updates and instantaneous tracking. Procore helps your teams stay in sync, even when they aren't together. This means more teamwork and less rework.
Procore manages drawings, documents, photos, RFIs, daily logs, submittals, punch lists, project contact directories, timecards and more!
With Procore for Android you can:
- Access your construction projects from anywhere
- Work offline - Procore synchronizes your work when you’re back online
- Manage RFIs, submittals and change orders as soon as they require attention
- Mark up drawings and attach punch items, sketches and RFIs to drawings
- Create, manage and close punch list items, with photos
- Add daily log entries
- Take meeting minutes from the field
- Access your project schedule
- Dictate notes to punch list and daily log items
- Capture, view and share project photos with automatic timestamps
- Log timecard entries from the field
- Access project contacts without adding data to your phone’s address book
- Share project contacts via email
Why we ask for permissions:
We ask for permissions only when we can use them to make our application better.
Below is a brief explanation of why we've requested the permissions that we have.
- Internet
Procore is a cloud service, we need to use the internet.
- Access Network State
Procore retains some functionality when you are offline, we need to know when!
- Write Contacts
We use this permission to allow you to copy a contact from your Procore Directory to your phone.
- Read Contacts
We are currently building the ability to copy a contact from your Phone into your projects. We had this feature at one point, but needed to make improvements before making it widely available. (Soon!)
- External Storage
We use this permission to allow you to download documents, view documents, and upload images downloaded from elsewhere or taken with your built in camera application.
- Camera
We use this permission to allow users to take photos.
- Installed Applications
We use the list of installed applications to find viewers for documents and determine if you have Google Maps installed (try clicking the project address in our side bar!)
- *NEW* Accounts and account information
We recently upgraded our application to use Android's built in account management features.
This allows us to be smarter about logging in and provide a lot of new enhancements (check out our widget for quickly uploading pictures from your home screen!)
- *NEW* Location
We recently asked for the location feature.
We are using it to GeoTag images if you select that option in our Camera.
Privacy Policy: https://www.procore.com/fine-print/privacy-policy.php
随着Procore建设工程项目管理软件,您的团队可以访问他们所需要的所有信息,并实时更新和瞬时跟踪。 Procore有助于您的团队保持同步,即使他们不在一起。这意味着更多的团队合作和减少返工。
- 访问您从任何地方建设项目
- 脱机工作 - Procore当你重新联机同步工作
- 只要他们需要关注管理的RFI,提交资料和变更单
- 标记图纸,并附冲项目,草图和农村金融机构图纸
- 创建,管理和关闭遗留问题清单的项目,有照片
- 每天添加日志条目
- 以从外地会议纪要
- 访问你的项目进度
- 听写笔记冲清单,每天的日志项目
- 捕获,查看和共享项目的照片自动时间戳
- 从现场考勤卡日志条目
- Access项目接触,而不将数据添加到您的手机的地址簿
- 共享项目通过电子邮件联系
- 互联网
- 接入网络状态
- 写联系方式
- 读取联系人
  目前,我们正在构建从你的手机联系人复制到你的项目的能力。我们有这个功能在一个点,但需要使其成为广泛使用之前进行改进。 (不久!)
- 外置储存
- 相机
- 安装的应用程序
- *新*帐户和帐户信息
- *新*位置

Procore for Android 更新内容

Bug Fixes
Small Improvements to ux/ui and performance

Procore for Android 历史版本

Procore for Android 使用技巧

Procore for Android 信息

Android 4.0.3 以上

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