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FREE, FAST, FUN & SOCIAL. The biggest party in the world is on your phone now. ** FREE ** FAST, FUN AND SOCIAL. The biggest 24/7 party in the world is on your phone now. Download mig33 and join over 50 million girls and guys across the world. Have real time conversations, play 100’s of games, join a chatroom party or just post whatever you are thinking. Looking for a special someone? Now you have the world to choose from with millions of chatrooms and groups on mig33. Share photos and show yourself off to the whole world. It’s the new world for you. Be what you want to be with mig33. Social – Stay in touch with the world! • Expand your social circle! Make friends with girls and guys across hundreds of countries spanning thousands of miles. Whether it’s from Russia to Indonesia, or from the USA to Japan, it doesn’t matter where you are once you are on mig33!• Have engaging discussions in thousands of chatrooms and interest groups. Talk about love, sports, celebrities, friendship, movies, cartoons, parties, ANYTHING! • Be who you want to be in mig33. Real names and pictures? We’ve thrown those out! Create a whole new life in mig33!• Share your thoughts with your friends & find out what your friends are doing with mig33 updates! Don’t miss out on a thing anymore!• Keep in touch with your friends and family outside mig33; you can chat on MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook and GTalk, or just call and SMS using mig33! Fun – So many things to do in one place! • Games aplenty! Play tons of interactive online games with your friends! • Send gifts, emoticons or even use emotes to brighten up your chats with your friends. • Snap your memories using the latest photo application; add fun frames and effects to them before sharing your joyous moments with your friends!• Party online 24 hours a day! mig33 never sleeps! Fast – Access a world of entertainment wherever you are! • Whole new sleek interface allows for FAST and EASY access to all features! • Now on Android, mig33 is also available on Web (www.mig33.com), WAP (m.mig33.com) and on over 200 other mobile devices!

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Android 4.0.2 以上


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