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ProPay – Accept Credit Cards

ProPay – Accept Credit Cards

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ProPay – Accept Credit Cards ProPay – Accept Credit Cards ProPay – Accept Credit Cards ProPay – Accept Credit Cards ProPay – Accept Credit Cards ProPay – Accept Credit Cards

ProPay – Accept Credit Cards 描述

Securely accept credit card payments on your phone or tablet using ProPay’s credit card processing app. Accept payments from all major credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) at rates as low as 1.99% per transaction and no hidden fees.
Card Processing Solutions
• Quickly process credit card payments at low rates with a mobile card reader
• Manually enter card numbers if you aren’t near your card reader
• Securely store a customer’s payment information to be charged for future purchases
• Accept a credit card payment when you don’t have data coverage and process it as soon as you get back into coverage
• Even more processing options are available with your ProPay account online: http://www.propay.com/products-services/accept-payments/
Accessing Funds
• Access your funds with a ProPay Prepaid debit MasterCard
• Quickly transfer funds to your bank account within the mobile app
Monitor Your Business
• Check your available and pending account balances
• Review pending, completed and declined transactions
• Refund or cancel transactions
• Manage transfers to your bank account.
Additional Features:
• Include sales tax and allow customers to add a tip to their order
• Capture your customer’s signature and then e-mail them a receipt.
The ProPay App allows you to access all these features from any compatible smartphone or tablet and is available for all ProPay Merchants.
Compatibility and Requirements:
- ProPay account required. If you do not have an account, sign up at www.ProPay.com
- Certain features of the ProPay App require an active ProtectPay Online subscription.
- The ProPay JAK is currently compatible with the majority of Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. For a complete list of compatible devices, please visit the following website link: http://www.propay.com/products-services/accept-payments/jak-card-reader/androiddevices/
Learn more or sign up for an account today at www.propay.com
- 需要ProPay可以考虑。如果你没有一个帐户,注册在www.ProPay.com
- 在ProPay可以应用的某些功能需要一个活跃ProtectPay在线订阅。
- 该ProPay可以JAK是目前大部分的Andr​​oid / iOS的智能手机和平板电脑兼容。有关兼容设备的完整列表,请访问以下网站链接:http://www.propay.com/products-services/accept-payments/jak-card-reader/androiddevices/

ProPay – Accept Credit Cards 更新内容

- Added Spanish language translation
- Bug fixes

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Android 4.4.4 以上

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