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Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta下载

Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta

Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta

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Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta 截图

Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta

Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta 描述

The most realistic, easy to use, and FUN jigsaw puzzle game on the planet.

A perfect puzzle game to occupy the brain for kids and adults alike. See if you can solve Jigsaur’s jigsaw puzzles. FREE to play with NO ADS and full access to premium jigsaw puzzle features while we are in beta.

We are always available for you. Please e-mail us any problems, comments, questions, or issues at jigsaur@gmail.com. Our jigsaw puzzle games are for you to enjoy!

Begin the puzzle brain frenzy right now with Jigsaur jigsaw puzzles. With fantastic photo and video puzzles to choose from, everyone can find a jigsaw puzzle for their mind to enjoy. Start fine tuning your jigsaw puzzle piecing skills and check out what we have available for you to play.

Experience jigsaw puzzles in a whole new way. You choose from a variety of photo and video puzzles. The photo or video is then cut apart into jigsaw pieces to create your puzzle. Your job is to put the jigsaw puzzle pieces back together in the correct arrangement and solve the puzzle!

Explore each photo or video jigsaw puzzle with a full range of physics-based zooming, rotation, and movement options.

Enjoy our jigsaw puzzle game! Jigsaw puzzles for the whole world to enjoy!

Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta 历史版本

Jigsaur Jigsaw Puzzle Beta 信息

Android 2.0.0 以上

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