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International SOS Membership

International SOS Membership

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International SOS Membership International SOS Membership International SOS Membership International SOS Membership

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The International SOS Membership App is an essential tool that helps you make the most of your International SOS membership and is available exclusively to members whose organization offers the App to their travelers and expatriates. With the Membership App, travelers and expatriates have a world of capability in their hand: it is the only medical and travel security app that is integrated into a global assistance infrastructure.
The Membership App provides International SOS members with:
- one-click dial to the closest International SOS alarm center for whenever you need medical or security help or advice related to your travels
- instant access to our latest medical and security alerts for your destinations
- on-the-go access to medical and travel security country guides.
Through the Membership App, you have quick access to:
- our worldwide alarm center network and an unrivalled global network of 8,000 professionals, 68,000 established providers, clinics, alarm centers, air ambulances, specialist medical, security, aviation and logistics personnel
- integrated medical and security assistance for before, throughout and after your trips
- real-time, proprietary advice and information from our teams of security and medical analysts and experts.
You will need your organization’s International SOS membership number to log in. If your organization is not a member, visit www.internationalsos.com to find out more about membership and how we help organizations manage the health and security risks facing their international travelers and expatriates.
PERMISSIONS INFORMATION: International SOS takes your privacy and security seriously. The permissions required by the Membership App are necessary for providing features such as allowing you to call the International SOS alarm center that is closest to your location and downloading the latest alerts for your location. You should be aware that using the Membership App, like most mobile apps, will generate mobile data usage and may result in fees depending on your mobile phone plan. If you have any question whether the usage of any mobile data will result in a charge or increase in/on your phone bill, please contact your mobile carrier.

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