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T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天下载

T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天

T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天

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T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天 截图

T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天 T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天 T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天 T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天

T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天 描述

*Exclusively for T-Mobile Android devices*
Video chat, video mail and video share for free with T-Mobile Video Chart for Android phones – download the app today and start streaming live videos with friends and family around the world.
• Connect instantly: Automatically see who in your phone’s contact list is available for a live video call.
• Record and instantly share videos online straight to your favorite social network from your mobile phone.
• Share moments through SMS or email with video mail(1).
• Live video streaming from your mobile phone to the web, Facebook, Twitter and more.
• Video feed: See all videos as they are uploaded by your Qik contacts.
• Videos are instantly uploaded to the cloud for sharing or safe-keeping. No cords! No waiting!(1)
• Manage your Qik videos using Qik Desktop(1).
Upgrade to Qik Premium for more great features like unlimited online video sharing and unlimited video storage(2).
You can upload up to 25 videos for free with Qik Video (free version). Upgrading to Qik Premium gives you unlimited video storage(2) and lots of other great features. With Qik Premium you get:
Unlimited video storage
• Upload as many videos as you like to save, playback, or share later(2).
Video mail
• Send video mail messages when you can’t talk live.
HD and 3D video recording
• Record and share videos in high definition4 and 3D on select mobile devices(4).
Manage videos from your computer
• Add video from your gallery and sync to desktop.
• Automatically sync Qik videos from phone to desktop.
• Drag and drop videos into Qik collections.
• Easily share videos with Qik contacts with drag and drop functionality.
Upgrade to Qik Premium for just $4.99/month(5) + taxe straight from the T-Mobile Video Chat application but enjoy the first 30 days free(3)!
Qik is provided by Skype Software S.a.r.l..
Share life as it happens.
Learn more at Qik.com
(1) Qik Premium subscription required.
(2) This is subject to fair use policy as described at: http://qik.com/info/terms_of_service.
(3) Qik Premium subscription will be charged to your phone bill. After 30 days, your subscription will renew automatically at the monthly rate of $4.99/month plus any applicable taxes. Payments will be charged monthly unless you cancel within 29 days of the start date. Cancel at anytime. Operator charges may apply.
(4) HD (720p) and 3D recording available only on mobile devices supporting this functionality.
(5) $5.74 including VAT where applicable.
(6) Video chat is not supported on Android 2.1 devices.

T - Mobile公司的QIK视频聊天 更新内容

- Premium features
-- Unlimited video storage and sending of video mails
-- Qik Desktop video management tool
-- HD video recording on supported phones
-- Ability to download videos
-- Custom ringtone
- Improved Live streaming performance
- Improved UI for both smartphones and tablets

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聊天社交 其它
Android 2.1.x 以上 , 4.0.4 以下

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