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qlmote Media Control

qlmote Media Control

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qlmote Media Control qlmote Media Control qlmote Media Control qlmote Media Control qlmote Media Control

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Remote Control for every computer media players. Released the full version (still free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.global.remotecontrol.free Full version:- Support tap to click on mouse pad- Full keyboard- Tools: Media Players Control, Presentations Control, Web Browsers Control, Full Keyboard and Mouse control. Control every computer's media players remotely via your android phone. This app is very useful for people who often enjoy music and movies on computer with external TV or projector. You don't have to move around and just enjoy at your seat and control whatever player on you computer remotely using quick buttons, wireless keyboard and mouse pad of qlmote Media Control app. - Able to control via headset and bluetooth headset- Power saving design- Passive connection design Tested media player:- VLC Player- Media Player Classic- Media Player Classic - Home Cinema- iTunes- Windows Media Player- Windows Media Center- Winamp (turn on Global keys in Options) Note: qlmoteReceiver need to be ran on your computer to receive signals from qlmote mobile apps (qlmote Presenter, qlmote Media Player Control). This desktop app can be extracted from the Settings screen of qlmote Media Control.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Triet Ho

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