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Scottish Places

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Scottish Places Scottish Places Scottish Places Scottish Places Scottish Places Scottish Places

Scottish Places 描述

Scottish places search and map made quick and easy!

ONE CLICK is all you need to find places for everything Scottish, including:

art, antiques, bars, clothing, food, kilts, live music, restaurants, shops, tartans and much, much more.

No wandering through multiple screens; this QuickClick series app is built for SPEED and EASE OF USE.

Options for searching by names or locations are all on a SINGLE SCREEN.

Types of Scottish places are pre-loaded to assist you when using the optional name search.

Quick and easy to search near cities, towns, streets, and landmarks.

Exploits mapping apps to their FULL CAPABILITIES:

- Map Locations or List
- Satellite View
- Distance
- Directions and Navigation
- Traffic Conditions
- Street Views
- Check In
- Zoom In/Out
- Add to Contacts
- Compass
- Reviews
- Ratings
- Share with Friends

Scottish Places 更新内容


One button click search initiation.

Optionally, enter any of Place, Street, City, et. for searching near other locations.

Optionally, enter Name, Chain or Type of Food for inclusion in search.

Names of establishments and food types pre-entered for auto-completion assistance.

Additional search criteria saved between uses.

Comprehensive Help/FAQ screens.

Uses full capabilities of mapping apps.

Additonal information on website: www.marketimpacts.com/quickclick-apps/

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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