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Antivirus & Mobile Security

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Antivirus & Mobile Security Antivirus & Mobile Security Antivirus & Mobile Security Antivirus & Mobile Security Antivirus & Mobile Security Antivirus & Mobile Security

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Free Antivirus and Mobile Security for Smartphones with enhanced features.
Quick Heal Mobile Security not only protects your Android smartphone from malware, but it also secures it against theft or loss. It has enhanced Call & SMS filter that allows you to block unknown numbers and numbers starting and ending with a certain series. Its Personal Security feature helps you in times of emergency by alerting your friends. The software notifies you about apps that can affect your privacy, and guides you about settings that can enhance your device’s security. Additionally, you can manage your device via Quick Heal Remote Device Management portal.
To learn more, visit http://www.quickheal.co.in/quick-heal-mobile-security
Note for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) users:
We recommend you to switch your device to the Owner’s Profile mode before installing this app. This app is not supported by guest profiles.
Features & Benefits :
★ Background Scan inspects every downloaded app to ensure that it’s safe. The antivirus engine also scans the entire device for malware and other malicious programs.
★ Device Scanning comprises multiple scan options (i.e., Quick Scan and Custom scan), and also offers Schedule Scan options that are highly flexible and customized.
★ Anti-Theft prevents your device from being misused by allowing remote lock and data wipe. The mobile tracking anti-theft feature also helps you track your device in case it is lost or stolen.
★ Call & Message Filter allows you to block unwanted phone calls and SMSs. You can also use it to block numbers starting or ending with a particular series. Besides these, unknown International numbers can also be barred from reaching you. Additionally, you can also block SMSs from non-numeric senders.
★ Personal Security automatically keeps sending SOS messages with current location to predetermined phone numbers and social networks in times of emergency.
★ Intruder Detection takes snapshots of anyone who tries to unlock your phone with a wrong password.
★ Privacy Advisor helps you review apps installed on your phone and their permissions which may affect your privacy.
★ Security Advisor guides you about the settings that affect the overall security of your smartphone.
★ Call Forwarding allows you to forward all incoming calls to a predetermined number. This procedure can be configured via the Remote Device Management portal.
★ Share App easily allows you to share your Quick Heal Mobile Security application with other Android devices.
★ Register with TRAI allows you to register your number with the DND service of India. You can also raise a complaint with TRAI against unwanted numbers. (Only available in India)
★ Message Center is a new feature that brings all important notifications, latest news, and alerts into one place on your device.
★ Activity gives in-depth reports on all the activities carried out by Quick Heal Mobile Security on your Android device.
★ Regular Automated Virus Updates takes automatic virus definition updates.
★ Security Shield displays the security level of your device and data protection status through a graphical representation.
★ Quick Settings Notification gives you one touch access to various device settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Brightness, and Torch.
★ Trusted SIMs List is beneficial for users using multiple SIMs.
★ News brings to you the latest news on mobile protection, security alerts, and other important information related to IT security and web security.
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注意为Android 5.0(棒棒堂)用户:
★注册与TRAI让您与印度的免打扰服务的注册号码。您也可以提高对不需要的数字与TRAI投诉。 (仅在印度提供)

Antivirus & Mobile Security 更新内容

★ Password is replaced by 4 digit PIN
★ Block Screen enhancements
-Temporary PIN
-Gmail Authentication

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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