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Bell Mobile TV Bell Mobile TV Bell Mobile TV Bell Mobile TV Bell Mobile TV Bell Mobile TV

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Watch over 120 live and on demand TV channels at home or on the go with the Bell Mobile TV app.
Catch your favorite shows, breaking news and live sports events on the go including the NFL playoffs, NFL RedZone, CFL, the Toronto Raptors games and NBA TV. Mobile TV is $8 per month. Data usage over the mobile network will be rated using standard rates (from data included in your plan, add-on or at pay-per-use data rates, as applicable).
5 hours of Wi-Fi viewing is included if you are a Mobile only subscriber (1)
For subscribers that have a Satellite TV subscription, unlimited Wi-Fi viewing is included for Satellite TV content.(2)
Enjoy features like:
• An integrated programming guide to tell you what’s on and coming up
• Alert notifications, now you never have to miss a game or favourite show
• Easy to use search, so that you can always find the shows you are looking for
• Parental Controls to set viewing restrictions based on content ratings
• Must be a Bell Mobility customer with a Mobile TV add-on or a Bell TV customer with Satellite TV subscription
• MyBell username and password for Bell TV access
• Available on unmodified Android operating system, 4.0 or newer.
Content is available only in Canada. Due to rights restrictions content may vary by network and device.
For a full list of channels available and additional details visit bell.ca/mobiletv.
Virgin Mobile Members with Mobile TV or a Bell TV package will also be able to watch live and on demand programming.
(1) Additional Wi-Fi viewing is $3/hour.(2) With compatible devices. Select live channels and on demand programming from your Bell TV subscription are available and will vary if viewed over Wi-Fi in or outside your home. Content viewed over Wi-Fi at home will also count towards your monthly Internet data usage. Data usage over the mobile network is rated using standard rates (from data included in your plan, add-on or at pay-per-use data rates, as applicable). Channels and content are subject to change without notice and blackout periods and other conditions may apply. Due to content rights restrictions, Mobile TV service is available within Canada only. Images are for illustrative use only as content is subject to change. Important: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Learn more about app permissions:bell.ca/privacypolicy.
抓住你最喜爱的节目,打破在旅途中,包括NFL季后赛,NFL REDZONE,CFL,多伦多猛龙队的比赛和NBA的电视新闻和直播体育赛事。移动电视是$ 8元不等。通过移动网络数据使用量将使用标准费率的额定(从包含在您的计划数据,附加或付费使用的数据速率,如适用)。
(1)其他的Wi-Fi观看为$ 3 /小时。(2)兼容的设备。从贝尔电视订阅选择直播频道和点播节目可用,如果您家外面看通过Wi-Fi会有所不同。在家观看通过Wi-Fi的含量也将计入您的包月上网的数据流量。通过移动网络数据使用量使用额定标准费率(从包含在您的计划数据,附加或付费使用的数据速率,如适用)。渠道和内容如有更改恕不另行通知,停电时间等条件可申请。由于内容的权利的限制,手机电视业务中只有加拿大可用。图片用于说明仅作为内容如有更改。重要提示:继续使用全球定位系统在后台运行,可以大大减少电池寿命。详细了解应用权限:bell.ca/privacypolicy。

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