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This app requires a StraightAce.com membership.
Give your child the tools to be better at math!
Understanding middle school math is the corner stone to succeed in high school math, SAT math, and even college math. StraightAce creates a great math foundation through a fun and engaging toolkit.
Use StraightAce App to learn and practice different math topics, anytime anywhere on iPhone or iPad. We recommend completing at least one topic each day to maximize results and create strong learning habits.
Use StraightAce Link to follow and encourage your child’s progress.
Here is what some of our users said:
- "I thought it was fun, because in school... they were giving me the same problems. Like, we were doing it the next day and I already had it on here. It helped me." Richard, 13 years old, 7th grade.
- "I read the explanations that showed me how [to solve the math problems], so then the next time I knew I could do it." Matthew, 13 years old, 7th grade.
- "She was more focused on what she felt she was achieving... It's clear, it’s fast, it cuts time from taking a book and reading through everything on your own." Maria, parent of Julia, 6th grade.
- "Richard hates math. But when he was using StraightAce, he was getting more involved, and I was watching him... he’s taking more interest." George, parent of Richard, 7th grade.
Key features include:
* COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS curriculum aligned content
* 150 TOPICS in each grade (6,7 and 8)
* CONCISE LESSONS are easy to understand and reinforce what has been covered at school
* MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ to master concepts and put into practice what you've just learned
* HINTS are available for each question and help you out if children get stuck
* EXPLANATION for every question step-by-step
* FLASHCARD view of the previous day's topic to solidify the knowledge
* ASK parents for help by messaging from the app to the online dashboard
* WIN TROPHIES for fully completed topics and exchange them for incentives
* INCENTIVES: unlock new backgrounds, avatars and more!
* ONLINE DASHBOARD for parents to keep track their child's progress
Try it out and start boosting your child's math today!
Note: Your device needs to be connected to internet to successfully log in to the app when you use it for the first time. For results to appear on the online dashboard the device needs to be connected to the internet periodically.

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