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Quotes for everyone! Free

Quotes for everyone! Free

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Quotes for everyone! Free Quotes for everyone! Free Quotes for everyone! Free Quotes for everyone! Free Quotes for everyone! Free Quotes for everyone! Free

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Everyday a new, fantastic quote..
or two or three ;)
Always having a cool saying in your pocket with the most advanced quotes app in the world!
With "Quotes for everyone!" you can read as many quotes as you desire! There are smart, brainy, funny and just awesome quotes from a large range of authors like
- Einstein
- John F. Kennedy
- Ghandi
- Homer Simpson
- Dalai Lama
Currently there are about 10000 quotes available and counting.
If there are new quotes available, a new item will appear in the optionsmenu and you can easily update by just clicking.
A very cool feature are your personal favourites.
You can add quotes you read to your favourites to keep them in mind or sharing them later with friends.
Share your mosted liked quotes via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, sms, and more!
We are very proud to present and release our awesome search pattern.
It recognizes what you are searching for in a very special way: You can search for authors (e.g. "Einstein"), for topics (e. g. "love", "god", "men") and even for just a word ("ing").
The last option is brought into the light if you can't fully remember a specific quote. The only thing you can remember is it contains the phrase "and heaven". No problem. Search for "and heaven".
You want to copy the quote and insert it somewhere else, like searching for it in Google? Click on the quote to copy it to the clipboard. Just long-tap an inputfield and select "insert" to insert the quote. This is coming very comfortable is a few situations!
One very cool thing is, you can use this app offline. That means you neither need an Internet nor a active WIFI connection or even a mobile network. That's very, very handy if your in a funk hole (e.g. subway, long tunnels) or abroad. Still holding an active internet connection while being abroad can cause very high costs. Neither you nor we want that. :)
Your individualization is important to us. So we let you customize the whole app!
You do define in which style or mood the quotes are presented to you.
From traditional blue to lime and pink through brisk relaxing green and orange to solid stone and onyx.
You do not have to adapt to the app but the app adapts to you! This is our concept.
The ONLY quotes-app working for all Android devices with version 1.6 and above!
There's also a german version out named "Zitate für Alle!" with loads of german quotes, test it!

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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