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Qype is the best application to find the right place! Whatever you’re looking for (restaurants, bars, shops, doctors, hotels...) it's all on Qype, along with user-generated ratings and reviews to get detailed insider information and tips on where to go.

· Find your kind of place, wherever you are, using personalized recommendations
· Browse over 850 categories including restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and nightlife
· Over 2 million in-depth and personal reviews you can trust covering 166,000 cities and towns worldwide
· All the information you need about a place on one page: addresses, phone numbers, photographs and links
- With the new Map Explore Feature you can now search for the best places in very specific areas.
- By adjusting the map and zooming in or out, you can define exactly where you want to search and plan where to go next.

- Hoşgeldiniz!!! Qype now speaks Turkish and is also available in Turkey!

Please Note:
Qype for Android integrates push notifications for Android 2.2 devices and above, so you'll never miss a friend who is nearby, a contact request or challenge to your check-in championships! To enable push notifications, we use a service that remains in the background even if the app is running, so it uses less of your battery whilst keeping the same great speed.

Qype requires the following permissions:

* NETWORK COMMUNICATION so we can find the best places near you

* PHONE CALLS just to receive notifications. We don't store any information about your device and the numbers you call
* STORAGE in order to cache data sent by the server, therefore decreasing your data traffic and loading times

* SYSTEM TOOLS is required to optimise the Qype experience. We don't use them, in any way, to get information about our apps running on your device

* YOUR ACCOUNTS is required to obtain your email address - only if you forget your password or want to register as a new user your email address will be used and appear pre-filled.

Qype 更新内容


Look at our fab new feature!

- Compliments! Found a useful/funny/interesting review? You can now share the love by complimenting the Qyper just like you can on the qype.com!

- Beside that we fixed a crash in the map explorer that occured often

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Qype GmbH



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