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World Wide Webcam (Lite)

World Wide Webcam (Lite)

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World Wide Webcam (Lite) World Wide Webcam (Lite) World Wide Webcam (Lite) World Wide Webcam (Lite) World Wide Webcam (Lite) World Wide Webcam (Lite)

World Wide Webcam (Lite) 描述

The lite version gives you access to ALL world feeds & you can add as many private feeds as you want.
The feature for browse by country & category is unavailable in the lite version & the maximum number of favorites is restricted to 8.
Access over 5000+ webcam feeds (even in LITE version) + your own IPCam feeds. Expect the unexpected - watch the happenings around the world in REAL TIME. Who knows what you will find today....A couple in a restaurant in Switzerland having a romantic dinner, a bird in Milan guarding its little ones, nice & serene beaches in Honolulu, a playful doggy daycare in Atlanta, teenagers in Sweden trying out the trendy jackets in a shop.......The list goes on and on. We have over 5000 live webcam feeds that we make available to you on your phone and new feeds get added every day . The webcam feeds are tested everyday to ensure that you will always get the best of the best feeds.
Add your private IP camera (webcam) feeds to this application and voila - you can watch your personal IP feeds anywhere in the world on your android phone. Anytime switch between your private feeds and world feeds without missing a beat. Add those interesting feeds you find to your favorites list so that you have a view to your favorite place/people/things on your finger tips. Take snapshots from the webcam feeds and share with friends and the whole world (if you chose to).
Browse the feeds by country or categories. There are over 70 countries listed in the application & 27 categories.
The picture gallery feature will allow you to browse the pictures taken by other users. Take a look at how places look at different time of the day and during different seasons. You can browse the pictures by category or country. If you like a picture just hit the play and the feed for that location can be seen live. Over 100K picture available for you to enjoy.
Keywords: webcam, ipcam, mjpeg
超过5000+摄像头饲料接入(即使在LITE版)+自己IPCAM饲料。期待意外 - 观看世界各地发生的事情的实时性。谁知道你会发现今天....一对夫妇在瑞士的一家餐厅有一个浪漫的晚餐,在米兰镇守的小家伙,在檀香山好的和宁静的海滩,在亚特兰大的俏皮狗日托,青少年在瑞典试图鸟在一家商店的时尚夹克.......这样的例子不胜枚举和。我们有超过5000现场摄像头饲料,我们向您提供您的手机上,新饲料,每天得到补充。摄像头的饲料都经过测试每天以确保您始终获得最佳的最佳饲料。
添加您的私有IP摄像头(网络摄像头)饲料到该应用程序,瞧 - 你可以看你的个人IP饲料的任何地方在世界上你的android手机上。您的私人饲料和世界之间随时切换没有丢失一个节拍饲料。加入这些有趣的饲料您发现您的收藏夹列表,让您有一个观点你最喜欢的地方/人/事在你的指尖。就拿从摄像头的饲料快照,并与朋友和全世界分享(如果你选择)。

World Wide Webcam (Lite) 更新内容

新版变化 Dec 12th, 2013 + Issue related size of dialog windows on Samsung phones resolved + Many of you requested for the removal of checkbox transition - done + Better performance NOTE: LITE version allows you to access ALL 5000+ feeds. The feed played cannot be selected. In paid version you can access feeds by category/country 了解更多

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Android 1.1 以上
Google Play

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