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Never forget a birthday and surprise your friends with funny anniversaries !
With ManyVersaries you will never forget a birthday and you will surprise your friends with funny anniversaries !
ManyVersaries search in your contact list those who have a known birthday. It then displays a list with the next anniversaries to wish. The list displays the names and pictures of your contacts. It is very easy to go from this list to the contact screen to contact them and wish them their birthday.
ManyVersaries does not only display your contacts birthdays but it also calculates their age in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months ! Surprise your friends by wishing them anniversaries they didn't expect !
For each contact you can display a screen with all their upcoming anniversaries.
You can also calculate the anniversaries of a person who is not in your contact list by entering his date of birth.
ManyVersaries is very configurable. You can choose the way the list is displayed. The number of anniversaries to display : all, the next anniversary of each contact, on a period or a defined number of anniversaries. You can also choose which types of anniversaries to display : you can choose the classic way by choosing only years or all the other types of anniversaries. There are 2 color themes, one light and one dark.
Additionnal anniversaries are calculated when a round number is reached. You can choose to display these anniversaries only when a rounder number is reached to decrease their frequency (for example every 1,000,000 minutes or every 10,000,000 minutes).
ManyVersaries can warn you when there are birthdays today by notifying them in the Android status bar. You can also add, directly from the contact screen, an anniversary into one of your Google calendars.
Free version differs from full version for the following items :
- Notification is only available in the full version.
- Adding anniversaries into your Google calendars is only available in the full version.

ManyVersaries Free 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Event types taken into account for notifications (full version only)

Possibility to change the title and description of the events in the calendar (full version only)

Minor fixes

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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