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KLTV 7 News

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KLTV 7 News KLTV 7 News KLTV 7 News KLTV 7 News KLTV 7 News KLTV 7 News

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KLTV 7 News delivers the latest news, sports, interactive weather radar and video directly to your mobile device. Stay connected no matter where you go with comprehensive coverage for Tyler / Longview and East Texas. When news and weather breaks the KLTV app is your “all access pass” to the latest stories. Other features include:
- Local, Regional and National coverage.
- Real-time breaking news alerts so you can follow stories as they happen.
- Deep weather forecast information.
- Contribute your stories, images and video to KLTV by uploading directly from your mobile device.
- Side menu tray navigation for quick access to the news you need.
- Live Streaming support on 4.x devices (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean)
- Universal app for phone and tablet devices (tablets include multi-pane reading).
ABC affiliate also serving Jacksonville, Kilgore, Athens, Mineola, Henderson, Palestine, Mt. Pleasant, Whitehouse and everywhere in between.
This app requests location to help customize content for you. We will provide location information and information about your use of the app to our advertising partners in order to customize the ads displayed in this app and other apps you use. Please review our privacy policy for more details and for your choices.
KLTV 7新闻提供最新的新闻,体育,互动天气雷达和视频直接到您的移动设备。保持连接,无论你在哪里去全面覆盖泰勒/ Longview和东德克萨斯州。当新闻和天气打破了KLTV应用程序是你的“全方位的通路”,以最新的故事。其他功能还包括:
- 本地,地区和国家的覆盖范围。
- 实时突发新闻警报,以便您可以按照故事,因为它们发生。
- 深天气预报信息。
- 直接从您的移动设备上传贡献你的故事,图像和视频的KLTV。
- 侧托盘菜单导航可快速访问您所需要的消息。
- 直播支持4.x版上的设备(冰淇淋三明治,果冻豆)
- 用于手机和平板设备的通用应用程序(包括片剂多窗格阅读)


KLTV 7 News 更新内容

- All new UI incorporating standard Android Design Style, Patterns and Building Blocks
- Side menu tray navigation
- Swipe and scroll touch gestures in more places
- Full screen image viewing
- Universal app that runs on both phone and tablet devices including: landscape mode on phones and multi-pane reading for 7" and larger tablets
- Performance and stability improvements

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Android 2.3.3 以上

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