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Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite

Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite

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Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite Private contacts,SMS,Call Lite

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Your calls, SMS and contacts hidden on your phone with call blocking. The application is completely hidden, it does not appear on the phone desktop. To start it, it is enough to compose a phone number (1234 default). Thus, nobody can know that you installed this application.CAUTION : ON SOME DEVICE, YOU MUST RESTART THE PHONE SO THAT THE ICON "Androidp" DISAPPEAR !Available in several languages: Dansk, Deutch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Svenska, 한국어, 中文, 日本語You can define several blocking type: - No blocking: Calls are not block, but the conversations log (calls and SMS) do not appear in your phone, only in the application- Permanently Block: The phone hangs up again automatically if the contact call you. The list of the blocked calls is present in the application.- Block according to the hour : The contact is blocked only at one certain time of the day (e.g.: between 8:00 and 18:00)Moreover, the application allows:- Blocked masqued call- Set a password (in addition to the phone number to start the application)- Contact import,- Call a phone number (which is not in contacts) without it appearing in the call log,- Send and the receive SMS.Private Network is your ally against the inquisitive eyes, test it and you quickly will find it essential!In the lite version, you can have only one contact.=>READ ME: LITE VERSION USERS : You must uninstall the lite version before or after you install the premium version to avoid conflicts. Go in the FAQ (below) in the section “Uninstall private network”.CAUTION ! : Some applications of SMS management can affect the proper functioning of “Private Network”. For use in the best conditions, uninstalled other SMS management applications.=>FAQ : - How to start the application?Dial the phone number "1234" (default). The phone will automatically hang up and start the application. You can change this number in the application settings (More menu-> Settings).- How to add a password when starting the application?In the menu "More" select "Settings". In the "Security" section you can enter a password. (Remember the password!). This password will be asked when you first start the application, then each time you select "logout" from the menu "More".- How to force the application to request the password?Select "Logout" in the menu "More."- How to uninstall “Private Network” ?1- Go to phone settings2- Select “Applications”3- Select “Manage Application”4- Select “Androidp” for premium version or “AndroidpLite” for the lite version5- Select “Uninstall”=>BUG ?Send an email (in English or French) to: rbigsoft@gmail.com with subject PRIVATE NETWORK BUG. Thank you specifies the model of your phone and your version of Android (In the phone settings, About Phone, Firmware version).

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Android 2.0.0 以上

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