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Carrier IQ Process Killer

Carrier IQ Process Killer

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Carrier IQ Process Killer Carrier IQ Process Killer Carrier IQ Process Killer Carrier IQ Process Killer

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NOTE: There is now a new version of this app on the Android Market - search for "Auto Carrier IQ Process Killer" for a version that does all the same as this app, but automatically at device boot time.
Carrier IQ Process Killer will detect and allow you to kill the IQMSD process that runs as part of the overall Carrier IQ logging system. The process will not restart until the next time you reboot your phone. Note that you must have super user installed for this application to terminate the Carrier IQ process as it requires the super user privileges to kill the IQMSD process. For unrooted phones, the app can only detect the presence of the IQMSD process, but can not terminate it.
Note this program does NOT kill all of Carrier IQ. It only stops the IQMSD process that is part of the overall CIQ package. Therefore, other CIQ detectors will still detect the presence of Carrier IQ. Note that it is impossible to completely remove all components of Carrier IQ unless you install a custom ROM and custom Kernel that is free of Carrier IQ.
"Auto Carrier IQ Process Killer" is now available on the Android market. Please search for and purchase this app (for 99 cents) if you want an automatic version of Carrier IQ Process Killer that will kill IQMSD each time your phone is booted.
注意:现在有一个新版本的这个程序在Android Market上 - “自动Carrier IQ的进程杀手”的一个版本,它都是一样的这个程序,但在设备启动时自动搜索。
Carrier IQ的进程杀手将检测让你杀IQMSD运行的过程,作为整体Carrier IQ的日志记录系统的一部分。这个过程不会重新启动,直到下一次您重新启动手机。请注意,你必须有超级用户安装此应用程序终止Carrier IQ的过程,因为它需要超级用户权限杀IQMSD过程。对于无根的手机,应用程序只能检测的存在的IQMSD过程,但不能终止。
请注意这个程序不杀死所有Carrier IQ的。只会停止IQMSD的过程,是整体CIQ包的一部分。因此,其他的CIQ探测器将仍然检测Carrier IQ的存在。请注意,这是不可能完全删除Carrier IQ的所有组件,除非你安装一个自定义的ROM和定制的内核,是Carrier IQ的免费。
“自动Carrier IQ的进程杀手”,是目前Android市场上。请寻找和购买应用程序(99美分),如果你想要一个自动版本的Carrier IQ的进程杀手,将杀死IQMSD每次启动您的手机。

Carrier IQ Process Killer 更新内容

This version makes updates to the user interface to make the program easier to use (less button clicks to detect and deactivate IQMSD process of Carrier IQ).

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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