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多功能桌面插件 多功能桌面插件 多功能桌面插件 多功能桌面插件 多功能桌面插件 多功能桌面插件

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A set of powerful and extremely useful home screen widgets!
✓ Designed for both smart phones and tablets
✓ Widgets for Agenda & Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Messaging, Twitter.
✓ Scrollable widgets (please read notes 2-3)
✓ For any issue please email us to dr.appche@gmail.com
■ Reviews:
“Do you want a set of customizable, skinnable and accessible widgets to your needs on the homescreen? Then look no further…” - Android UK News
“If you love periodically changing the look of your phone and the interface options, Android Pro Widgets is the number one program on the android market” - http://androidwidget.info
“APW is one of the most comprehensive and complete widget suites available” - Android Community
“The graphics are so polished that it feels as if Android Pro Widgets was included with the device” - HTC Source
“It’s my belief that the widgets included in Android Pro Widgets should have already been built into Android” - AndroidStatic
“Now This is What an Ice Cream Sandwich Widget Should Look Like” - AndroidSpin (refers to Modern ICS themes)
■ Available widgets:
☆ Agenda & Calendar
☆ People
☆ Bookmarks
☆ Messaging
☆ Twitter
■ More tools:
☆ Quick Event - Quick Calendar event insertion tool w/ native language processing and speech recognition capabilities!
☆ Say What - little 4x1 widget to update Facebook/Twitter quickly from the home screen.
■ Please
☆ Need help? Email us to dr.appche@gmail.com
☆ Read the notes before you comment.
☆ Use http://apw.uservoice.com for any feature request.
☆ Read known issues and suggested fixes at http://androidprowidgets.blogspot.com/p/known-issues.html
■ Buy the license key to support the development and unlock all features including access to many themes.
Link: http://goo.gl/T4PRA
■ Theme Makers:
Follow the Create Themes page on our blog http://androidprowidgets.blogspot.com/p/create-themes.html
■ Notes:
[1] This is a widgets package. The main app is mainly intended for explaining how to actually add widgets to your home screen.
[2] A scroll button is used on Android 2.x with launchers that don't support scrollable widgets. If your launcher does not support scrolling either use the scroll button or replace your launcher. Honeycomb, ICS, JB, ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher Ex and many other launchers support scrollable widgets.
[3] Calendar widget is not scrollable in its grid mode.
[4] In Quick Event entering the edit window will ignore the reminder setting and the selected calendar, and use the default calendar application settings instead.
[5] Bookmarks widget supports the following browsers: Stock, Chrome, MIUI, Skyfire. Please understand that most browsers simply can't be supported.
[6] Facebook/Twitter pictures are cached to SD card. Clear cache in preferences if the pictures are outdated.
[7] On Android 4.x the Facebook for Android application does not normally allow non system applications to access contact images. Use the free Facebook contact Sync application http://goo.gl/Jw8W7
[8] Reasons for every permission are available here http://androidprowidgets.blogspot.com/p/android-permissions.html
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“你想要一套定制的,可换肤和可访问小部件在主屏幕上您的需求?再看看没有进一步的......“ - Android的英国新闻
“如果你爱周期性地改变你的手机和界面选项的外观,Android的临Widgets是在Android市场上的头号节目” - http://androidwidget.info
“APW是可用的最全面,最完整的小工具套件之一” - Android社区
“图形是如此的打磨,它感觉好像专业的Andr​​oid窗口小部件被列入与设备” - 宏达源
“这是我的信念,包括在Android的临小部件应该已经建成的Andr​​oid窗口小部件” - AndroidStatic
“现在这是一个什么冰淇淋三明治的Widget看起来应该像” - AndroidSpin(指现代ICS主题)
☆快速事件 - 快速日历事件插入工具W /本地语言处理和语音识别功能!
☆说什么 - 小4X1小部件从主屏幕快速更新的Facebook / Twitter的。
[2]一种涡旋按钮用于在Android 2.x的与不支持可滚动窗口小部件发射器。如果你的发射器不支持滚动既可以使用滚动按钮或更换您的发射器。蜂窝,ICS,JB,ADW启动,启动临,GO桌面等诸多发射支持滚动部件。
[6]的Facebook / Twitter的照片被缓存到SD卡。清除高速缓存中的偏好,如果照片是过时的。
[7]在Android 4.x之后的Facebook的Andr​​oid应用程序通常不允许非系统应用程序来访问联系人的图像。使用免费的Facebook联系人同步应用程序http://goo.gl/Jw8W7
** APW,窗口小部件,部件包,包小部件,滚动,滚动,日历,日程插件,快速添加,人小部件,接触部件,书签小工具,消息部件,部件的短信,Facebook的插件,微博小工具,蜂窝,集成电路,冰淇淋sandwitch **

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美化手机 系统工具
Android 2.1.x 以上
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