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Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo)下载

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo)

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo)

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*Demo for Dr.Symon - All game mod

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) 截图

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo)

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) 描述

*Demo for Dr.Symon - All game modes enabled. Play each for up to 60 seconds!*This memory game was designed to help improve your memory. You can now try this memory game for free! Join Dr. Symon in his attempt to create the perfect mind. Play 4 different training and challenge modes, have fun while enhancing and training your memory! Think you have the best memory and reaction time around? See how you rank in the world by posting your high scores online. Can you prove you are the memory game king or queen?Dr. Symon is loosely based on the classic game Simon says. Each mode has a unique game play style that will challenge your memory and possibly improve it at the same time. This is a great memory game for kids and adults alike.The game contains the following modes.Training - This mode will show you a pattern in increasing difficulty and length.Battle - The pattern sequence increases after each round, and each pattern will be different every round.Reaction - Pieces will dash across the top of the screen, press the pieces as you see them to increase your score. Don't let the flow get backed up or you'll lose a brain! This mode will test your hand eye coordination.Classic - Plays like the classic Simon game!Be sure to check out other games created by Rebel Box LLC!If you run into any issues please be sure to contact us and we will resolve them immediately.Internet permission is only used to post your high scores online and is only done by user request. If you don't hit the update button, no internet bandwidth is used.

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) 历史版本

  • Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo)

    Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo)

    版本:1.1.33 高速下载

Dr. Symon - Mind Games (Demo) 信息

Android 1.5.0 以上
Rebel Box LLC

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