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The Call Recorder

The Call Recorder

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The Call Recorder The Call Recorder The Call Recorder The Call Recorder The Call Recorder

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1. Some Motorola devices may not record call using this app

due to hardware constraints, please dont give negative comments

2. Always play recordings using default android music player. Playing recordings might not work on other Android players.(e.g. RockPlayer Lite does not work)

3. Play from view record tab of the app.

Call Recorder is an extensive tool which helps you record all audio calls from your phone. Recorded calls can be viewed, listened and saved for future references.

Call Recorder features include :-

1. Calls can be recorded Automatically or Manually

2. Specific contacts can be chosen for Automatic Recording

3. You can decide whether Incoming Calls or Outgoing Calls or Both need to be recorded

4. Clear Old Recordings from time to time as per clear duration chosen by user

5. Recorded files do not automatically add itself in your music player playlists and recently added playlists.

1. This app might not work on some specific devices,we request you to share your feedback and help us make the app better.

2. Phones that might not work because of lack of support are Samsung GT i9003 and Nexus S

2. This app gives you limited call recording time.For complete features please buy pro version of this app.

Keywords :- Call, recording, recorder, wave recording, 3GP, manual, auto call recording, record incoming call, manually, automatically

The Call Recorder 更新内容


Version 2.1

1. AMR issue resolved

2. Some minor bug fixes done

Version 2.0

1. Resolved 10 min recording stop bug that was happening for some devices

2. Removed Application hanging due to too many recordings bug

3. Better view of all the records with list sorted by contacts

4. Removed some other crash bugs specific to some devices


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The Call Recorder 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上
Hidtechs Pvt Ltd

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