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Access up to 10 servers. Create or edit projects, tickets, comments and times.

The Redmine App gives you the ability to access up to ten different Redmine servers. You can browse and filter your projects, tickets, comments and times spend. In addition, you can create and assign new tickets, projects and users or book your spend time or write comments on existing tickets or edit existing tickets.

Since App-Version 1.5.0 and Redmine Server Version 1.3.0 the reading of attachments is also supported.

Since App-Version 1.6.0 and Redmine Server Version 1.4.0 the uploading of attachments files or photos.

After you have synchronized the data from the Redmine server with the Redmine App database, you can browse in offline mode.

In order to authenticate against your Redmine server you need to enter your personal Redmine API-access key. You will find the key on your Redmine website under "my account" > "API access key". If this is not the case please contact your system administrator and please him to enable the Rest-API in the administration menu of your Redmine instance.

The Redmine App supports the languages English, Russian, Hungarian and German. Please contact us if you like to translate the texts to another language. We will mention your name for this if you do so. You will find the email address on the start screen of the App.

Some of the functionality may depend on your personal Redmine user rights given to you by the Redmine administrator. Please ask him/her for additional right settings if neccessary.

Should work perfect with Chilliproject and Redmine Version 1.1 and higher. If you discover any problems or you just want to give us a feedback feel free to write an email: karkowski70@googlemail.com We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for further development. Thank you for using the Redmine App!

Russian by Sergei Garmash
Hungarian by Sági-Kazár Márk
French by Arnaud Grignan

Known problems:
description: Rest Api does not return project list. XML parsing exception apears in Redmine App.
cause: Using of "Projects Tree View" plugin within the Redmine installation.
solution: https://github.com/MischaTheEvil/projects_tree_view/issues/9

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Android 2.3.7 以上



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