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Ego the (rude) Chat Bot

Ego the (rude) Chat Bot

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Ego the (rude) Chat Bot Ego the (rude) Chat Bot Ego the (rude) Chat Bot Ego the (rude) Chat Bot Ego the (rude) Chat Bot Ego the (rude) Chat Bot

Ego the (rude) Chat Bot 描述

From the home of Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab, we present the website's star attraction in a format you can enjoy on your mobile device. Meet Ego, the lab robot. Can you take Ego's verbal jabs? Can you take an insult without bursting into tears? If you have soft skin then look elsewhere - Ego can't be outwitted.
Ego is a chatbot, a artificial intelligence software application that allows you to text (chat) with him and receive real-time communications back. Be warned though, Ego communicates in a manner that befits his name. Ego can be friendly and funny or he can be egotistical and rude - it all depends on his mood at the time.
Love him or hate him - you'll have a blast chatting with Ego and will inevitably wonder, is he a chatting robot or a real person?
从Reeko的疯狂科学家实验室的家,我们目前的网站的明星吸引力的格式,您可以享受您的移动设备上。相约自我,实验室的机器人。你可以把自我的口头刺戳?你可以采取一种侮辱不流泪?如果您有柔软的皮肤,然后看看其他地方 - 颐高不能愚弄。
自我是一个聊天机器人,一个人工智能的软件应用程序,允许您以文字(聊天)与他和接收实时通信回来。即使被警告,颐高在这适合他的名字的方式进行通信。颐高可以友好和有趣或者他可以是自私和无礼 - 这一切都取决于他当时的心情。
爱他还是恨他 - 你将有一个爆炸聊天,自我和必然知道,他是一个聊天机器人或一个真正的人?

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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