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REI Snow Report

REI Snow Report

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REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report REI Snow Report

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Whether your passion is skiing or snowboarding, the REI Snow Report app gives you all the info you need to make the most of your time on the mountain. Our app, with its snowy fresh look and feel, delivers reliable access to all the snow report features you expect from REI—with added convenience. As always, access to snow conditions and five-day weather forecasts are right at your fingertips. And now, you can easily find everything you need to know about a particular resort on a single, scrollable page.
Choose your own adventure! REI Snow Report works great as either a ski app or snowboarding app. It can help you decide the best place to ski or snowboard by sending alerts when there’s new snow at the base depth levels you’ve set. Make the app your own by adding up to 15 resorts from all over the world to your Favorites. See at a glance where it’s a good powder day so you can jump out of bed and get going! (We won’t tell your boss.)
Need more details? The app lets you reference trail maps for most North American ski resorts, look at web cams where available, and find out how many lifts are open so you’ll know what to expect ahead of time. Avoid the bad surprises and bring on the spontaneous outdoor fun!
If you’re heading up with friends, share snow forecasts with them via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, and in our app. You can stay on top of changing mountain conditions through participating Twitter feeds. Forgot something you need? Store Locator is at your fingertips to help you find the nearest REI store. The REI Snow Report app easily connects you to REI.com, so you can shop online and get some Expert Advice (if you need it), before you venture out to the mountain.
Stay connected and inspired. We’ll drop you a quick message about upcoming REI snow gear sales and winter clearances so you won’t miss out. We’ll also send engaging content and beautiful pics to your message center from time to time for a quick dose of inspiration.
选择你自己的冒险! REI的雪情报告的伟大工程,无论是作为滑雪的应用程序或滑雪板的应用程序。它可以帮助您通过发送警报时,有在您所设定的底座深层次的新雪决定去滑雪的最佳场所或滑雪板。使应用程序自己从所有加起来15度假村在世界各地,以您的收藏夹。一看便知它是一个很好的粉末日子,所以你可以从床上跳下来,快走吧! (我们不会告诉你的老板。)
如果你的标题与朋友通过Facebook,Twitter,电子邮件,手机短信,并在我们的应用程序与他们分享降雪预报。你可以留在山上变​​化情况通过参与Twitter的饲料上。忘带了什么东西,你需要什么?店铺位置是在您的指尖,以帮助您找到最近的REI商店。 REI的雪情报告程序您轻松连接至REI.com,所以你可以在网上购物,并得到一些专家的意见(如果需要的话),你走出去前山。

REI Snow Report 更新内容

· Get a more accurate report. Now, you can see new snow in both the last 24 hours and last 48 hours before you hit the slopes.
· We’ve made some general bug fixes to improve your online and on-snow experiences!

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